The Ladybug’s “rainy days wishlist” on Zaful (and a coupon code for you!)


Rainy days are made for online shopping and new wishlists!

It has been raining for ages here in Milan so I am spending my Sunday afternoon at home buying online and preparing my Christmas wishlists. My biggest wishlist of the day comes from Zaful, one of my favorite online store when it comes to find super cute pieces at incredible prices.

When I create my wishlists online I start from what I would like to buy and what are the trends that I want to endorse without spending a fortune. My key words of next winter are: RAINBOW (no surprise as it doesn’t stop raining!!), TEDDY COATS (vegetarian approach to the use of trendy real furs!) and BOMBER JACKETS (my new favorite jackets after my trip to Japan!).

RAINBOW trend is so on right now: a bit of vintage vibe, gay pride slogan, need of colors during the rainy days, I don’t know what it is but I am dying for this colored striped sweaters that I am seeing everywhere (in Milan there is also a subway stop all painted with multicolored stripes!). Here is my selection of the loveliest rainbow sweaters on Zaful!



Last year I missed one of my favorite trends of the year but I am happy to see it still going strong this winter: the TEDDY COAT! I don’t like to wear furs but I love this ecologic option, that it is also much more flattering especially if you have a curvy body! On Zaful I found so many styles and colors that I can’t decide which one I want…what do you think? What is your favorite?


Since I am back from Japan I am a huge fan of Bomber Jackets: I bought two Japanese pieces there and I wear them all the time! They have a vintage vibe that I love and they go with almost everything, casual style and dressed up. I love them in different lengths, colors and styles and I have a crush on the embroidered ones or the Japanese inspired ones. I picked up a few from Zaful…here again I need your help to decide which one should I take!

 The good news is that I have a coupon code for all my lovely readers for a 15% off at the checkout: ZVYABFS. Plus, from today 11th of November until the 13th of November, shipping costs worldwide are offered by Zaful and, last but not least ,for the next two days you can find Sales Down to $3.99 HERE!

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