The Ladybug sharing her vintage love for Andrea Odicini (at Opherty & Ciocci)


I think that I have already shared my love for the Italian designer Andrea Odicini some time ago when I shared with you the beautiful vintage red dress that I wore for Opherty & Ciocci.

As I loved that one so much I thought that I could wear another vintage dress from Odicini, considering that Opherty & Ciocci has some great pieces of this amazing Genoese designer on their site.

So here I am with another great vintage piece, this time it is a striped cream and navy dress with sculpture buttons and amazing cuffs. What I love in his fashion is the incredible attention to detail, the volumes and shapes, there is a great difference between vintage fashion and vintage designer fashion!




This outfit is 100% vintage and mostly from Opherty & Ciocci, not only the dress but also the amazing vintage Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses, also available on their website.

The electric blue vintage 80s shoes are from Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn (one of my favorite vintage shops in the area, I really wish I can go back one day!) and the blue vintage 80s earrings are from Love Vintage store in Barcelona.

Photo Credit: Milena Molinari



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