The Ladybug and her life in rainbow colors!

The Ladybug Chronicles Rainbow Sweater (1)


This year I got a total crush on 70s rainbow sweaters: I am a colorful girl and these colored striped sweaters got me completely! Still I had a couple of requirements that made my “perfect rainbow sweater” hunt quite complicated. I wanted it thin, with small stipes and with some specific colors: yellow, red, green, orange and blue…oh, and possibly vintage!

I surfed the net, my favorite Etsy vintage shops, Instagram, Vintag, Depop but nothing…I couldn’t find the one (except for a beautiful piece from Noirohio Vintage on Etsy that was immediately sold though!). Until that Sunday morning in London: I was scrolling down my Instagram feed while waiting for my friend to get ready for the vintage fair and I found the launch of Saturday, Megan Ellaby new clothing line and guess what? My perfect rainbow sweater was there!!! I didn’t think twice: I ordered it online and I received a couple of days later at home: it was perfect, exactly what I was looking for!

The Ladybug Chronicles Rainbow Sweater (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Rainbow Sweater (4)

I wore it immediately with a 70s inspired outfit as the rainbow sweater was a huge trend in that era, then I started to pair it with a rust vintage 70s coat that I found at Humana Vintage in Milan. I loved this piece at first sight and even if it was a little small I decided to get it anyway and to wear it open. I added a dark gray pair of Levi’s jeans and L’Arianna black ankle boots.

Golden hoops and blackamoor brooch are vintage (hoops from Depop and brooch from Déjà-vu Vintage), while the sculpture brass ring is from Metalica Creazioni.

By the way, I was on my way back from the book shop where I got two interesting books that I can suggest to you: Toni Morrison’s The Origin of Others and Dave Eggers’ The Monk of Mocha.

The Ladybug Chronicles Rainbow Sweater (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Rainbow Sweater (5)



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