The Ladybug and the joys of the “total outfit”

The Ladybug Chronicles Total HEKA (5)

I still remember that I was in Japan when I saw that Madame Ilary posted on Instagram a picture in her new Marlene trousers. I liked them so much that when I came back to Milan I asked her to try the new trousers in the different patterns that she made.

When I saw the black pair with the white roses (a very vintage inspiration!) I realized that these were the pants that I wanted: the shape is incredible and fits so well and the pattern…well I just loved it! “I also made a 30s inspired turban with the same fabric” – she said. “Do you want it?”. What you can answer if not “Definitely yes”!

The trousers are super easy to wear with shirts, tees and even thin sweaters and so is the turban, even if the elegance of its inspiration (30s decorations and shape) makes it look a bit more “engaging” (which is not: like every turban it goes absolutely with EVERYTHING from denim to velvet to sequins, you just need to use your imagination!).

The Ladybug Chronicles Total HEKA (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles Total HEKA (6)

The Ladybug Chronicles Total HEKA (3)

BUT, the perfect match for this two-piece combo was the elegant and super chic organza black shirt from Madame Ilary (actually this is part of her HEKA Couture collection). I loved this shirt since it was still in progress: it is so classically chic that I couldn’t help loving it and making it mine!

Of course this is not an outfit for the day but it is perfect for a dinner or a party, although the pieces can be used separately and mixed with other styles. I must admit that this was for me the perfect combination, at the point that Ilaria herself used this trio for her last shooting campaign.

PS: for those in Milan, these pictures were taken at the incredible vicolo Santa Caterina, near the Università Statale. The graffiti were so cool, it was the first time that I checked the area even if it is very close to the University where we often shoot (also near Ilaria show room!).

(Big hoop earrings are from Gogo Philip, black ankle boots from Francesco Milano at Merry Go Round).

What do you think of this outfit? Would you wear it for a night out? Maybe a vintage themed one?

Photo Credit: Milena Molinari

The Ladybug Chronicles Total HEKA (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Total HEKA (7)

The Ladybug Chronicles Total HEKA (1)


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