The Ladybug’s passion for charity markets and bargain prices!

The Ladybug Chronicles Tartan Skirt (1)

I have been buying vintage and second hand for almost 20 years but there is nothing, and I say NOTHING, that can beat a charity market if you want to buy the best things for incredible bargain prices!

Since I live in Milan I am a charity market addict, you know those markets that happens once a year, where the rich ladies in town open their wardrobe and donate their amazing vintage designer pieces for a good cause? Well, they are definitely my favorite ones!

Not easy to find or to get into this “charity market lobby” but when you find one, make sure to subscribe to their newsletter and to find them for the next event (usually the best ones are just before Christmas) because that’s where the best bargains happen!

Last year I was invited to one of these amazing events by a friend of mine and I got out of there super happy about my finds (even more about their price!) and about the fact that all the earnings of the event went to a charity association. So: great vintage shopping + bargain prices + good cause, what can we ask more?

The Ladybug Chronicles Tartan Skirt (6)

The Ladybug Chronicles Tartan Skirt (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Tartan Skirt (5)

It was at this event that I found this beautiful green and purple tartan skirt with its tiny purple belt from Valentino in mint conditions for only 20 euros! I loved the colors and the buttons on the front (it also has buttons on the back) and the price was too good to leave it there!

It looks like an 80s piece (maybe early 90s) and I paired it with a new & Other Stories frilled shirt that looks so 80s and that I found during the last days of sales in super promotion last year.

Black laced boots are new from Ouigal while all my hoops earrings are vintage.

PS: I know that now you are wondering what other bargains I got from that event but I promise that I will show them all in the next few blog posts!

The Ladybug Chronicles Tartan Skirt (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Tartan Skirt (4)

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