The Ladybug in 1976

The Ladybug Chronicles 70s (2)

1976: the year I was born. Yes, I am a proud 40 something woman and I love the fashion and style of my birth decade. Super hippy and ethnic clothes and accessories are among my most adored vintage finds and I love to try a 70s inspired look every now and then.

That day I was getting ready with Ilaria for a very intense say: first stop, our new tattoo with the amazing Stefania Pallestrini!

I created the whole outfit starting from this little wonder, a 70s checked flattering coat that I bought in London at Pop Up Vintage Fair (spotted by my friend Sabrina who announced: I found the perfect coat for you! And to be honest it was one of the three perfect coats that I found that day!) for a bargain price and I couldn’t be happier than that! I am totally in love with its pattern and shape and it goes almost with everything! I decided to add another vintage piece found at the Pop Up Vintage Fair in London that same day: a golden Blackamoor brooch that I got for 10 quid and that is big enough to perfectly match my coats!

The Ladybug Chronicles 70s (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles 70s (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles 70s (6)

Another 70s vintage piece that I added was the beautiful camel and ivory scarf from Humana Vintage that I wore as a headscarf.

All the other pieces are modern: cropped jeans are from Mango, turtleneck sweater is from Benetton and messenger bag is from L’Autre Chose (do you remember about my crazy shopping at their sample sale?!). Golden large hoops are from Gogo Philip.

Just a few words on the shoe-sock combo: I wore these shoes for the first time that day even if I bought last year because I wasn’t sure about how comfortable they would be. They are from Jil Sander and I got them at a sample sale here in Milan (yes, I am Miss Sample Sale!) because I fell in love with them  – and they were 70% off! I was very surprised as I wore them almost all day and they were just fantastic, now you will probably see me in them more often! I just paired them with my adored Bonne Maison green spotted socks (btw, did I tell you that I love Bonne Maison socks?!).

I’d love to always have enough time to get ready  in the morning to try fun combos but unfortunately most of the times I am still almost sleeping when I get dressed! And no, I don’t prepare my outfits mentally the night before because it happens that I forget about them the next day when I wake up!!! Another reason is that I like to dress with the mood of the day that may be completely different from the night before! I should only learn to get up earlier but I am not a morning person and I will probably never be…

The Ladybug Chronicles 70s (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles 70s (7)

The Ladybug Chronicles 70s (1)

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