The Ladybug is a vintage “Signorina”!

The Ladybug Chronicles Signorina Headband (1)

“Signorina” is how we call not married women in Italian (or should I say we called as it feels a bit discriminatory now and we tend to call every woman Signora) but it is also the name that Madame Ilary gave to her newly born headpiece, a sort of 60s headband but with a big knot that comes in many different amazing patterns and colors. It was hard to choose my favorite one but I went for this emerald green floral pattern because I just fell in love with its tones!

You may think that it is an accessory for cocktail parties and special ceremonies but I am showing here that it doesn’t matter if the fabric or the design is elegant, you can put things in different perspectives depending on how you wear them!

It is not a coincidence that I am wearing it on a Saturday morning, paired with vintage and modern pieces.

The Ladybug Chronicles Signorina Headband (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles Signorina Headband (2)

Vintage: the amazing 70s navy coat that I found at Humana Vintage in Milan as well as the Benetton white shirt with peter pan collar (this is from the 80s though). I bought these two pieces in different moments but in the same Humana Vintage shop near the Duomo in Milan. The coat was a “love at first sight” purchase, as I was looking for a navy 70s coat but I couldn’t find my perfect one as they always were too small or too big for me but with a bit of perseverance I knew that sooner or later Humana would come up with “the one”!

Modern: Massimo Dutti 70s inspired dark denim jeans and Ouigal electric blue ankle boots (my favorite shoes of the season!).

My hoop earrings are from Genny Pi while the small one is vintage and the one with little pearls is from Serena Ciccarelli LCS (I got in on her Instagram account with lovely jewelry from Naples).

The Ladybug Chronicles Signorina Headband (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Signorina Headband (3)

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