The Ladybug handmade choice of the day

The Ladybug Chronicles Green Pants (1)

If you follow me on my social media and on this blog you may know already about my mission on getting more and more sustainable especially when it comes to fashion.

If wearing vintage is a conscious and sustainable choice itself, I’m progressively trying to add more handmade and slow fashion pieces to my wardrobe and abandoning fast unethical fashion to a more conscious way of dressing. It is like what I am doing with food. But it is almost impossible to change this in a day, you need a path and follow it day by day making little steps to get there.

This outfit is an example of this path: I realized only later that everything that I am wearing here is made ethically, without human exploitation. I am very proud that I am getting there, I visit Mango and Zara every now and then but I am not obsessive like I was some years ago. I am gradually selling all my fast fashion pieces to give them new life and when I look at my wardrobe I mostly see vintage and handmade which makes me super proud.

The Ladybug Chronicles Green Pants (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Green Pants (6)

The Ladybug Chronicles Green Pants (3)

We can all do something for the planet and for the people living on it, starting from very little choices that we make every day.

I am wearing here handmade Madame Ilary military green Marlene trousers that I love so much for the African twist of this pattern and the softness of the fabric. Marlene pants are definitely among my favorite shapes from Madame Ilary as they have a 40s vibe that I adore and I have them in so many colors and patterns right now!! Also my turban comes from her talented hands, it’s a wonderful piece made with vintage lace and golden embroidery.

European made are also two other pieces that I am wearing: Ilove2love fringed leather jacket (British design) and L’Arianna yellow velvet flat shoes, Italian brand that I love for the great quality of their shoes and incredible customer service.

Also my beautiful dragonfly brass necklace is handmade by the lovely Italian designer Meraviglioz (it is a piece that she created for me!)  and my earrings come from Genny Pi in Milan (I love this shop because she works with Italian handcrafters and when you like a piece she tells you the story of the label and of the people who work on your handmade jewelry). By the way, all my rings are vintage or handmade by local crafters around the world!

The Ladybug Chronicles Green Pants (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Green Pants (4)

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