The Ladybug’s smart office look (by Madame Ilary)

The Ladybug Chronicles Madame Ilary (1)

Smart office outfits and the Ladybug, that’s a long and complicated story! I have written so many times about it, especially about how I handle being “smart” in the office, while keeping my personality and my love for vintage and unique pieces alive. It’s not easy, sometimes it’s difficult to balance but it’s always challenging and fun, that’s why I keep looking for this balance almost every morning!

Madame Ilary’s new spring-summer collection helped me a lot with that, as she created new amazing handmade pieces, made with the most incredible fabrics, perfect for a day at work but also amazing for many other occasions. They are incredibly versatile, easy to mix and perfect for so many different outfits!

The Ladybug Chronicles Madame Ilary (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Madame Ilary (5)

I went for this mix as I found it great for work, but I wore it all day on a Saturday around Milan and I wore both pieces separately (including the top for a wedding!) in many different occasions, which makes the cost of them easy to recover.

The top is a soft and fresh black gauze fabric with a big frill around the neck (you can also wear it with one or both shoulders off) and has a lovely bow on the side. The trousers are the famous Marlene shape (definitely one of my favorite from Madame Ilary) with pockets in a grey pinstriped linen and cotton fabric that makes it perfect for both summer and spring/autumn…maybe also winter if you wear it with tights!

Earrings are from Genny Pi, all the rings are vintage Berber from Marrakech.

The Ladybug Chronicles Madame Ilary (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Madame Ilary (4)

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