The Ladybug’s personality in one (vintage) dress!


I still remember the exact moment when I fell in love with this dress: it was a lazy sunny Sunday morning, I just woke up and I was bed playing with my phone: my last Instagram updates, checking emails, a quick look at my Etsy, Vintag and Depop apps and then I found it! Federica from Maison Retrò (you know already that she is one of my favorite vintage providers online!) just posted it on Depop. It was just perfect: vintage, earth colors, African style…I immediately asked if it would fit me! While I was waiting for her answer Ilaria was sending me a message on Facebook saying that Federica was selling the perfect dress for me…it was the same dress! It was definitely meant for me!



When I saw it for real I liked it even more and I started wearing it all the time! Friends and colleagues were telling me how perfect it was for me and how it really suited my style. And I must admit that it is true, that’s exactly my style!

Here I wore it on a Saturday morning with Ilaria pairing it with a big brown belt from Mango and one of her amazing turbans handmade with the fabric and trims that I brought from Amman!

Brass earrings are handmade from Metalica Creazioni and flat sandals are from Clarks (probably not the best choice but my feet were hurting that day so I needed a pair of uber comfy shoes!).



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