The Ladybug found the perfect 80s playsuit!

The Ladybug Chronicles 80s jumpsuit (1)

I love playsuits, I think they are the sexiest thing to wear…if you are tall, slim and young! I die for the charming shapes of 70s playsuits but after buying many of them and re-selling them all, I understood that maybe I needed to reset my standards. I am not tall, I have a little belly and large waist, how to find a playsuit for me?

The idea of switching from the 70s to the 80s came to my mind when I insisted with my friend that she bought a lovely 80s floral jumpsuit in a vintage shop in Brussels. She is definitely taller and thinner than me but the loose shape of the jumpsuit was perfect for her. I wondered if it could be perfect for me too so I started a long search of the perfect 80s playsuit that could fit me until I found this one from Maison Retrò.

The Ladybug Chronicles 80s jumpsuit (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles 80s jumpsuit (4)

I loved the color (pale blue) and the floral pattern but even more I loved the super cute collar with such an 80s vintage twist. It was online so I asked for the measurement as I was still worried about the fit. When I realized that it could fit I decided to buy it.

I was so happy when I received my package: not only the color and pattern were even better in real life but I adored the way it fitted!

I wore it immediately during my summer holidays in Sicily, for a night out with my family, pairing it with a yellow African wax headband and golden hoop earrings from Gogo Philip. Golden peep-toe ankle boots are from the Italian brand Fiori Francesi.

The Ladybug Chronicles 80s jumpsuit (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles 80s jumpsuit (5)

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