The Ladybug’s travel memories in one outfit!

The Ladybug Chronicles Peruvian Tunic (1)

As the quarantine continues I keep looking back at some of my outfit pictures and I keep choosing those where I am wearing something that keeps me close to my travel memories.

Knowing that I am not going to travel for a while and that I will need to postpone some of the trips planned during these months, it is very sad but there’s not much that we can do about it, except acting safely and hoping for the best!

The tunic that I am wearing here has a double travel memory: I bought it in Bilbao at the Upcycling Store, one of the most incredible vintage (and new) shops there! It was not in our to-visit list but we found it in the streets of the old city and we found a lot of things there! The shop owner has Italian origins and it was lovely to chat with her and to know a bit more about her story and why she was in Spain. The tunic immediately got my attention for how rare it was: a handmade Peruvian vintage piece with a cute embroidery on the front…I couldn’t resist! Also because at the time I was planning my trip to Peru…what a coincidence! I didn’t find anything like this in Peru that’s why I am very happy that I bought it in Spain!

The Ladybug Chronicles Peruvian Tunic (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Peruvian Tunic (5)

I wore it with a handmade turban from Madame Ilary that she created with another travel memory: a printed Japanese fabric that I bought in Tokyo in a street market two years ago!

Yellow snake print wedges are from Lunatica, rings are from Francesco Tramontano while earrings are handmade from an handcrafter in Sorrento (they are very old…almost vintage too!)

The Ladybug Chronicles Peruvian Tunic (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Peruvian Tunic (4)

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