The Ladybug has a vintage heart (dress)

The Ladybug Chronicles Heart Dress (1)

I need colors, I need love, I need air…I need smile, laughter, friends, kisses, hugs and all the things that I missed during this quarantine.

When I look at these old pictures taken by my colleague (who is such a bad photographer!) I still remember why I was laughing so hard (he was saying things that made me laugh and that I still remember but I can’t repeat here!) and I miss even the good times at work, because many of the people I work with are also my friends and I really enjoy spending time with them!

Today is the first day out, lockdown is over and I can’t wait to take pictures outside again and I decided to celebrate with this post!

The Ladybug Chronicles Heart Dress (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Heart Dress (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Heart Dress (3)

This shooting started with another lunch in the Isola Design district in Milan, on the way back to work, when I saw another colored mural that I liked! It was perfect for my vintage outfit of the day:

  • A red, white and navy heart dress from Humana Vintage in Milan…I bought it during the opening of the new store in town because I loved the pattern, the colors and the adorable heart-shaped buttons!
  • A very old vintage red patent belt that I bought many years ago in a second hand store in Capri during a little weekend there when I still lived in Sorrento;
  • An amazing pair of Monet vintage earrings that I ADORE that I found at A Rebours Vintage in Milan (Lisa – the shop owner – is one of the greatest collectors in town!).

Taupe caged boots are an old Jeffrey Campbell pair that I use all the time (you may have seen them on me more than once!) while rings are from El Rana Jewelry and Francesco Tramontano.

The Ladybug Chronicles Heart Dress (6)

The Ladybug Chronicles Heart Dress (4)


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