The Ladybug’s strange relationship with brown color

I must admit that I am a color lover: it is very hard to see me dressed in black or blue for example, and even if I do it I feel the need to add some strong colors in my accessories because the total black or total blue is totally unwearable to me! Of course I have favorite colors: yellow is my favorite ever but I also love purple, green, orange and turquoise; I am starting loving red even if I cannot consider it as one of my favorite and I try sometimes pink, which is still a very difficult color for me to wear. But the color that always makes me feel strange about it is brown. I deeply love it, especially in summer on tanned skin, and I totally love its rust shade in winter but for some reason I mostly don’t buy brown. And I really don’t know why! It’s still a fact that I have two brown pieces in my wardrobe: a pair of denim trousers and this dress.

When I saw this vintage dress from my lovely friend Federica (owner of Maison Retrò Vintage) I really wanted it mostly because of its checkered pattern and…of its color! But I was blocked for a while before buying it because for some reason I was not convinced by the color. Truth is that I love this vintage piece probably from the end of the 80s, in fresh linen with a coordinated belt! (Even if I prefer to wear it when I am well-tanned – and I was not at all in these pictures!).  

But there is something that I know and that I can say about brown: it has to be worn with golden accessories! There’s nothing that enhances this color more than gold (and tan!).

In absence of tan I opted for golden accessories: maxi hoop earrings from Gogo Philip and sculpture handmade ring from Metalica Creazioni.

My very old (almost vintage) shoes are from Vic Matié and I think that they are from at least 15 years ago…when they say that you should wear your clothes until they have no more life to save the planet, I think that this is what they mean!

But tell me about you: what are your favorite colors? And which one you have weird relationships with?

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