The Ladybug is a Drama Queen!

Yes, I am a drama queen.

It is something that I hate about myself and I keep struggling against my inner Drama Queen because I think that I live so much better when I can handle this and I manage to live with so much more lightness and light-hearted!

I worked a lot on this side of my personality and I think that I did a good work so far, but I needed a little reminder and that’s the reason why I cracked for this tee that reminded me that I don’t need to make drama simply because I am not Shakespeare!

I love wearing tees with a message and I love to mix them with more sophisticated pieces like a did here for a shopping session in Milan on a Saturday morning (can you tell by the big canvas bag? By the way, I love this huge canvas bag that I got from Retrock, one of the best vintage shops in Budapest).

The tee is from White Market and I mixed it here with black silk handmade culottes from Madame Ilary and a wonderful turban handmade by Madame Ilary with a Jordanian trim that I bought in Amman last year.

I completed my mix with Dxie 90s inspired sneakers and vintage silver earrings and rings.

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