The Ladybug lives the Uzbek fairytale in a vintage “chapan”

Do you know what a chapan is?

A chapan is a coat mostly worn in Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan) usually during the cold winter months over clothes. Usually it is worn by men but also by women especially for their wedding when they receive special ones as a present from their mothers; these coats are adorned with intricate threading and they come in a variety of colors and patterns with different meaning.

I am waiting to travel to Central Asia to get an original one because I have always loved this traditional coat but in the meantime, when I found a vintage one on sale on Etsy, I couldn’t believe it and I immediately bought it even if it was sent from Uzbekistan! The lovely seller also added a cute canvas bag from Samarcanda and shipping was even faster and cheaper than I imagined!

This coat is definitely one of my favorite pieces ever and I tried to wear it with a quite simple outfit to leave it the space that it deserves!

The black Marlene trousers and Aime-toi Madame tee are both handmade from Madame Ilary and black shoes are old season Zara (don’t throw them away if they are still in good conditions but use them even if they come from old fast-fashion habits!). The 70s vintage bag is a special piece that I adore from Roses and Vintage (it’s also the reason why I met Silvia, at least online, and her fabulous vintage world!).

Golden earrings are from Giovanni Raspini.

What do you think of the vintage chapan? Would you wear it on your daily outfits?

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