The Ladybug’s Tangerine (sustainable) love

Sometimes I like writing about sustainability and vintage related topics to try to better analyze them; other times I just love to share examples of sustainable outfits that I wear to show how I practice what I say and how easy it can be to embrace a new different lifestyle regarding fashion.

It is the case of this set of pictures, taken some time ago, during a short moment of relax and “free time” in 2020 (free meaning free from lockdowns) in one of my favorite parks in Milan.

As usual I am wearing a sustainable outfit, made of vintage, handmade and very old pieces (+ a little fast fashion piece that I am still wearing!):

  • Vintage: it is easy to understand which piece is the vintage one…of course the tangerine 80s jumpsuit, an amazing piece from London Corner Vintage that I loved at first sight!
  • Handmade: both my headscarf and my necklace are handmade from small business. The first one is a handmade (in England) scarf in soft rust gauze and it can be worn as a scarf or of course as a headwrap! The second one is a beautiful necklace, made with love by the amazing Paola Brunello of Rossocuore, one of my favorite Italian brands because of its story and the story that she tells through her pieces. First of all, the story of the traveler Nelly, inspired by the American journalist Nelly Bly. The piece that I am wearing here is not related to the Nelly collection but it is still a beautiful piece made with attention to detail and quality materials by Paola. It represents a lotus flower, which is also my favorite flower for its meaning and for what it symbolizes;
  • Old pieces: the shoes that I am wearing here are a very old pair of sandals from Miu Miu: I have them since the year 2000 and I love them so much that I keep repairing them and I will wear them until they will decide to leave me for good! They are beautiful, comfortable, match every outfit but…hey! I am realizing now that you cannot see them!! LOL
  • Fast Fashion piece: I paired my jumpsuit with one of my very last fast fashion buys 3 years ago. I still remember that day in a Mango shop how I felt uncomfortable. Even if I had a compulsive shopping session I think it was my very last one. All the pieces that I bought that day (this belt, a dress and two jackets) are still in my wardrobe and I will try to make them last as much as possible!

PS: as you know my other jewelry pieces are always vintage or handmade!

Is it a sustainable outfit that you would wear? Let me know how you feel about it!

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