The Ladybug’s “new normal” vintage shopping session in Milan

I cherish these photos because I totally cherish this moment!

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon beginning of summer (June or maybe beginning of July) I met one of my best friends in Porta Genova for a great vintage shopping session! After three long months of lockdown we could finally meet and try to get back to our usual activities, although in this “new normal” situation!

We started of course from Humana Vintage last shop in Milan, just near Porta Genova, definitely one of my favorite so far! We had a strong vintage session, leaving the shop with tons of vintage clothes and I was especially proud as my friend is a “vintage beginner” but she found so many interesting pieces at very good prices (Humana is one of the best places to visit for vintage bargains!).

Near Porta Genova during a couple of months Wundermarkt had a very special edition of its traditional market due to the Covid-19 situation in a beautiful space, even if with very few stallers compared to the usual markets. The very good thing about this session is that my beloved Francesca from London Corner Vintage was there and we could finally meet for real! Also, I had the chance to see part of their great vintage collection and of course to finally buy in person and not just online!

In fact, however I use to buy online, I still find buying vintage in person a completely different experience! Not only you can try the pieces but you can touch them, feel their story and have a better view of the patterns and fabrics, which is super important and rewarding when we buy vintage!

We ended the shopping session with plenty of new vintage clothing but we decided to celebrate this fruitful session with a lovely dinner with other friends on the Navigli!

My sustainable outfit of the day: vintage dress from Humana Vintage (I got it during the inauguration day of the same shop we visited that afternoon!); also the vintage navy bag is from Humana Vintage but from their shop in Turin! Vintage headscarf from La Maison G, Vintage belt from London Corner Vintage (online!) and thrifted Ash sandals from the lovely A bag of Chips shop! Handmade rings and earrings (from Made in Camper!).

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