The Ladybug on the joy of discovering new vintage (sellers)

When you have been dealing with vintage for more than 20 years, it may happen that you feel as you have seen it all: that you know all the vintage shops in town and online, that you can’t be surprised by new vintage selectors and sellers.

But one of the advantages of vintage being the new cool trend at the moment is that you can find so many new sellers and dealers that you have never met before. You also find out that you can still be surprised and that with vintage you can never say that you have seen it all!

I don’t know if it is the surprising power of vintage but I feel immediately guilty of thinking just for a second that I won’t find new exciting vintage or vintage sellers around!

The outfit that I am wearing here is a very good example of this, as two vintage pieces come from seller that I have come to know during last year:

  • The dress is a lovely 80s printed dress coming from Beatbox Vintage selection. I met Cristian and Simone on Instagram first, then live at the Remira Market and I couldn’t imagine that their site and physical selection would be so full of vintage gems! I literally spent three hours online to decide what to buy from them! By the way, if you are interested this is the site and don’t forget that you can enjoy 10% off anytime with the code LADYBUG10
  • The beautiful vintage belt comes from a little shop that I found on Depop called A dream of mine: her pieces are lovely and I bought three amazing vintage belts from her!

The other pieces come from shops or sellers that I already knew:

  • The fabulous green rattan bag, directly from the 70s, comes from the amazing selection of A rebours Vintage in Milan
  • The 80s earrings are a great bargain from the antiques market in Sorrento many years ago
  • The handmade turban is from my beloved Madame Ilary, with a fabric and trims that I found in Amman, Jordan
  • The beautiful shell ring comes from an amazing Neapolitan jeweler: I met him through Madame Ilary who sells his pieces in her show room in Milan.

Ps. My Miu Miu thrifted sandals are always there, I know. I think that I will stop wearing them the day they will decide to leave me barefoot in the middle of the street!

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