The Ladybug on Upcycling, Sartorial Upcycling and Vintage Sartorial Jackets

Even if you are not a circular and sustainable fashion expert, I am pretty sure that you have already heard about Upcycling. The reason is that the term has been increasingly used in the fashion system, when it comes to sustainability, reuse, recycling because of the increased attention of customers towards sustainability.

But what is Upcycling exactly?

When we talk about upcycling we usually refer to the creative reuse of materials, fabrics, as a starting point for a new creative process. Upcycling is different from recycling and downcycling because we don’t simply reuse something but we transform it to give it a new life.

We can be creative at home if we are able to use the sewing machine for example, by giving second life to our damaged pieces but there is another type of upcycling that is more and more used in the fashion system: the sartorial upcycling.

The Sartorial upcycling often gives to the creations an higher value to the original one, creating a new lifecycle for something that was almost dead. The fashion designer elaborates and readapt the old piece by transforming it into something different, unique, more precious and with high creativity.

One example of this creative sartorial upcycling is the new line of Vintage Sartorial Jackets created by Madame Ilary in collaboration with Le Fie Studio: they started from vintage jackets (many are designer’s) that they decorated or restructured with silk, juta and other precious materials, adding personal details like vintage buttons, bows or voluminous silk sleeves and other details.

The result is simply amazing and it clearly explains how a sartorial intervention on vintage pieces can be an added-value to the piece, giving it not only a second life but even a luxurious one!

Obviously all the pieces are unique, and I am showing here three of the pieces that I loved more:

  • The black blazer with silk sleeves and vintage buttons, definitely the best way to add glamour to the simplest outfit (here I am wearing it with a white tee and handmade culottes by Madame Ilary)
  • The red blazer, an incredible 80s vintage piece with silk sleeves that is perfect also with denim (from Sézane) and sneakers (Ash second hand found on Vinted)
  • The navy blazer, transformed into a sort of waistcoat, with precious brocade on the sleeves and on the back, here worn with some irony on a Madame Ilary hand-painted tee dedicated to Anna Piaggi and handmade tartan trousers

Many more creative Vintage Sartorial Jackets are on sale on Madame Ilary website, but you can also ask Ilaria and Grazia to readapt your own jacket with a sartorial twist.

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