The Ladybug on the best-kept secret of jacket-dresses

Is there a vintage piece for which you definitely fall every time you see one? You know, those pieces that you end up buying even if you have already many in your wardrobe but you love the piece so much and you can’t help getting another one?

I have a few, unfortunately!

But one of these is for sure the 80s jacket dress. The jacket dress was indeed very common in the 80s, it is a dress but made as a long jacket, usually knee-length. Normally, it has the typical blazer features, including the double breast buttons (my favorite ones) and I fall for them every time that I see one.

Not only I like the style itself but I think it may be a key element of a vintage capsule wardrobe.

I realized with time that I love to wear them as a dress for sure, but that I love them even more as a long jacket with denim pants or soft silk trousers and flat shoes. Two years ago (when I used to go to the office!), I wore them a lot like this and they are perfect for a smart outfit at the office but also for a night out if you change a little bit the accessories (heels instead of flats for example, or adding turbans like I love to do when I go out!).

I also realized that this versatility makes them a perfect capsule wardrobe piece for example as we can easily wear them with everything and the combos are infinite…just like having different pieces in one!

Only piece that I don’t combine with the jacket dresses are the skirts: midi, long or short I definitely don’t like this combo. Maybe with a long boho skirt I can accept (maybe!) but visually this does not fit my style and my moodboard for this piece!

Here I am wearing one of my favorite vintage jacket dresses: it comes from Humana Vintage, in a beautiful coral colour with golden buttons, this beautiful 80s piece made me totally fall for it. I wore it at the office very often unbuttoned until the waist with silk culottes or soft and fluttering trousers but when I was on holiday I left the trousers at home and brought this beautiful piece with me to wear it bare legs!

How do you prefer it? Do you fancy jacket dresses as I do?

Snake rings handmade in Pakistan, round ring handmade in Senegal.

Golden earrings are an 80s vintage find from Lullaby Vintage in Barcelona.

Golden gladiator sandals are my very old thrifted (and adored) Miu Miu.

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