The Ladybug’s tribute to her granny (and to Africa)

Many times you ask me about my passion for Africa and about where it comes from: “Are you married to an African guy?”, “Did you live in Africa?”, “Maybe you were born there”, etc. The truth is: none of these things!

I am deeply convinced that there must be a link with the continent from my past lives or my ancestors’ lives but, without going too far into the spiritual side of the thing, the simple truth is that this passion comes from my granny (my father’s mom). We used to call her the “ethnical granny” because of her passion for traveling and for foreign countries and cultures (which I definitely inherited from her!). This passion was very clear from her way of dressing: kaftans, Indian jewelry, colored prints (other thing that I inherited from her). When I was a kid she used to bring me to the “African market”, that was actually a small part of the common market in Catania, where many African sellers used to sell their stuff: wooden statues, colored jewelry, wax fabrics etc. Also she used to create little turbans for me with the African pagnes to wear at the beach. No surprise that I am the person that I am now, right?

My passion for Mama Africa is often expressed also through my way of dressing: not only African wax prints but also tees, jewels, shoes and other objects or clothes that have clear African inspiration. You know already that fashion for me is a way of expressing myself (my personality, my passions etc.) through my clothes.

Today I am expressing my love for Africa more than usual!

My tee (I adore it!) is from Original X Creation, a black owned business that you can find on Afrikrea, my favorite African marketplace (I have another one from them but I’ll show you next week!), while my skirt and turban are handmade by the talented Madame Ilary with this wonderful fabric that I found in Senegal during my last visit in 2019.

My jewelry is handcrafted (as usual!) and my Miu Miu golden gladiator sandals (thrifted so many years ago that I cannot even remember!) have just won the first prize in the category “Most Worn Shoes” of my closet!!!

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