The Ladybug on mixing African prints and vintage

After two weeks of tributes to Africa through its most known fabrics (it’s summer, that period of time when I can use them almost all the time!) here I am to give you a couple of easy tips to wear them with my other big fashion crush: vintage!

I love the combo of African prints and vintage because I think that it represents very well my own personality and taste, then it is not rare that I mix those two things!

I just pay attention to mix them and not just make them crash! What I mean is that African prints are very bold, they are by definition statement pieces and even if I love to mix different African patterns (always do it carefully though!) it is a bit harder to mix them with vintage because vintage pieces are quite bold too!

So my first and most important advice is to mix them with more simple pieces, just to start; when you will get used you can start trying a soft mix of prints and shapes with vintage too!

I strongly recommend to mix African prints with vintage pieces without specific patterns, it’s better to use a one-colour piece, better if the same color is part of the African print pattern.

That’s exactly what I did with this wax + vintage combo: the trousers and the coordinated turban (handmade with love by Madame Ilary with a fabric that I bought in Senegal during my first trip) are basically in red and yellow then I decided to pair them with a red vintage silk shirt (from Maison Retro Vintage). If in doubt, go for plain colors like black or white that can match it all!

A very interesting thing that you can notice here is that I added a second vintage piece, the Gucci vintage Ophidia bag whose tan color can easily adapt bold prints. (Let’s be honest a vintage Gucci bag goes with literally everything!!).

Same thing for the shoes, not vintage (a pair of super comfy sandals from Clark) but again in tan color to keep it safe! Simple and delicate brass earrings are also handmade from Metalica Creazioni.

I hope you liked my combo but I want to hear from you: how would mix African prints and vintage?

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