The Ladybug’s favorite color and sweater (Purple Rain, anyone?)

Since I was a kid purple was my favorite color: I was a Fiorentina soccer team supporter because of the color of their shirt, I wanted everything purple, when Prince issued Purple Rain it became my favorite song for the rest of my life. A part from yellow, in the last 40 years, no other color could attract me more than purple.

Recently I added different shades to my personal palette: mauve, marsala, wine for example. This sweater is an example of another shades that is also part of my new palette even if I don’t know how to call it (magenta maybe?) and I am not sure this is in my season colors (who cares actually?).

It comes from Sézane: you know that I stopped buying from them after the “Mexican affair” but I have a few knits from this brand and I want to keep wearing them exactly how I do with other brands from which I don’t buy anymore (for example fast fashion brands). However, I keep loving it very much and not only for its color. It’s warm, fluffy and has a retro 80s vibe that I adore.

This is also the reason why I decided to pair it with original 80s leather trousers found on Vinted and I think that they are super cute together!

When I posted this look on Instagram I also discussed about the unflattering shape of the 80s trousers, especially if you are not really considered a tall person (laughs!). It’s maybe true but as for colors my answer is still the same: who cares? As much as I feel comfortable and confident with what I wear I don’t want to stress myself and my own body into the “unflattering thing”. Who’s with me on that?

Still not sure about the shoes (cowboy ankle boots from Carmens) as I am not convinced that they are fitting the outfit but as I was on holiday and I use to travel light I didn’t have better options for it! Always do with what you have, right?

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