The Ladybug on how to create an outfit from Vinted

I have to be honest, I had several different approaches to Vinted in the last two years.

When I heard of it on French websites or from Instagram French vintage lovers I couldn’t wait to have it finally also in Italy. When Vinted launched in Italy I was the happiest gal but after a few weeks of using it I was shocked about the amount of garbage and fake vintage that people were selling there. I am still sick about that sometimes but I can say that my relationship with Vinted is finally restored!

I sell a lot from my private wardrobe and I also buy very good (original) vintage and second hand at affordable and at times bargain prices so in the end I am happy enough with it.

I also realized that almost 30% of what I buy lately comes from Vinted and that I found there incredible pieces in great conditions for excellent prices. Let me give you an example.

The outfit that I am wearing here is 90% from Vinted (except for the bag, a vintage find from Live In Vintage in Milan):

  • The second hand Ash sneakers were my very first buy on Vinted: I was lucky enough to find a super nice seller who helped me a lot and she closed a long hunt for a pair of used Ash sneakers started on Depop months before;
  • The vintage 80s camel leather trousers come from a French closet and I bought them for around 20 euros in a period of my life when I lost enough weight to wear 80s high-waisted leather pants (my favorite ones!)
  • The maxi mustard wool sweater from Sézane (one of my favorite brands before I stopped buying from them, even second hand, after the huge scandal in Mexico) is one of my (former) best discoveries on Vinted: a lot of people sell Sézane pieces still with tags and almost 30% off the original price: it was the case of this lovely piece open on the back.

What can we learn from this? Basically that you can find anything on Vinted: whatever is your style you can easily find what you looking for and for real bargain prices. All you need is time, patience and no hurry to buy until your perfect piece will magically appear.

(These rules are applicable almost every time and everywhere you decide to buy).

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