The Ladybug’s sustainable flowers are BLOOMing!

When we talk about sustainable fashion – in Italy but not only – we can’t not mention Gaia Segattini, definitely one of the Italian pioneers for everything knitwear sustainably created.

But this is only one of the reasons why I love her brand so much and I am thinking of enlarging my personal Gaia Segattini Knotwear collection! I will try to give you a list of things that I love about her (as a person, for as much as I can see from Internet) and as a brand:

  • Sustainability of a brand is not only a matter of fabrics: Gaia Segattini creates her wool and cotton pieces with recycled yarns from other companies’ scraps. Don’t think of scrap as a bad quality yarn: most of times companies don’t use all the ordered materials and for this reason they sell what they don’t need for their production. Additionally, she owns a factory where people are correctly treated and she doesn’t produce more than what customers will buy; mainly the colors of her standard pieces depend on the availability of the yarns and she uses monthly drops with the produced pieces instead of permanent collections to reduce waste.
  • The wool: I can’t get enough of a brand that produces mostly 100% wool pieces…it means that I don’t necessarily have to look for vintage pieces when I need a quality sweater made with natural fibers!
  • Colors and shapes are always super fun and adaptable to different people’s styles: every type of woman (no matter the age, the style, the fashion preferences) can use and adapt a Gaia Segattini’s piece to her personal style. This is very rare for a brand!
  • I just said women but she has a variety of pieces that are totally unisex and can be shared with other members of the family!
  • She is super fun (as her pieces!): her colored world and warm smile are irresistible!

The sweater that I am wearing here is from her famous Bloom Collection (it took different months to find it during one of her drops…no need to say that they sell out super quickly right? But hey this is slow fashion!) and this was the first piece that I purchased from her. I love it because of the wool flowers on the shoulders and because you don’t need much more to feel “dressed”: I wore it with a simple Rouje jeans, a pair of Carmens cowboy boots and a vintage cross-body bag from Live In Vintage in Milan and it just made my style bloom!

Next purchase for winter: a Friend sweater (striped or simple, I don’t know yet!). What’s yours?

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