About us


“The Ladybug”

You may think this is another fashion/vintage/personal blog… well, you’re wrong!

My name is Angela, aka The Ladybug (to my virtual friends). I am a vintage lover and I have no idea how to run a blog but…I try!

I have spent the last few years following fashion blogs, vintage pages, street style sites and so on until I realised that I needed to see something a little less glossy, more real and closer to the average person’s daily life. So, I decided to create my own blog. It still sounds crazy to me: I had no idea of how to start a blog (I must confess that I am still quite confused about that!); not-to-mention, I don’t have a lot of time to devote to a blog and absolutely no experience at all.

I have a  full time job,  I go to work Monday-Friday at 7am with heels in my bag! I have a house to take care of, friends and family to stay connected with, bills to pay and I can’t afford a Chanel quilted 2.55 bag [for now!] (…that was random-lol).

I’m a small town girl living in the big city: I recently moved to Milan and I LOVE IT! I am Italian and English is my third language (so, PLEASE forgive my mistakes!)

Not a great start for a blogger, I know!

BUT I have  a beautiful camera, some stylish and interesting friends and many things to say and share.

I guess it’s  enough for now!

(And…I still want a vintage Chanel bag!)


I’ve always been told that I have an “old soul,” and I and those who know me well believe I was born nearly 22 years too late.

As tumultuous as that time was, I can’t help but love it.  We were still called “Negro” and we were motivated to do and be better by the ever present awareness of our past.

It was in this era that gospel music really began to mature. I believe I would have been there giving social commentary from the church perspective.  A musical pontification from the “By Any Means Necessary” translation of the Bible.  I love the sound and look of that era of music.  That was a time when labels developed artists. Motown had, what they called, a finishing school.  This is where they would teach etiquette and interviewing skills.  They would also fine tune what would become an artist’s “look.”  True investment with a long team projected return.

I own hours of video footage, documentaries, books, photo journals and the like, showcasing anything you want to know about what was going on in music at that time.  And as quiet as it’s kept, I’m on a mission to educate artists on the benefits of understanding the music business from that perspective so they can incorporate the best of it for their present day success.

So what does all of that say about me, and how does that make me a credible correspondent for this blog?…Hell if I know!  But I’m going to enjoy introducing you to artists- from the obscure local scene all the way to mainstream and giving you insight as to how they incorporate vintage into their look, sound and philosophy.

If you really want to know more about me, check out www.knagui.com


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