The Ladybug Srilankan Chronicles – pt. 1

The Ladybug Chronicles Sri Lanka pt 1 (15)

It is always a bit hardfor me to write about my travels. I know it sounds weird from someone who is supposed to be a blogger, then someone who is quite at ease with words, but when it comes to travels I still find it hard, which may explain why it takes so long for me to write travel blog posts and they are often published many months after the trip itself.

It is the case again for my trip to Sri Lanka which happened in November last year. I think that I still find it difficult to put into words the feelings, the atmosphere, the noises, the smells, the people, the food that I “recorded ” with my senses while traveling.

2017 has been quite a tough year for me, this is why my friend decided that I needed a huge holiday to do together faraway from here. When she proposed Sri Lanka in November I immediately said yes. I have been studying about a trip to Sri Lanka years ago because it was on my wish-list and I was pretty excited about the idea of traveling there with one of my best friends just to celebrate the end of some bad things in my life!

As there are many things to say I decided to split the chronicles in two parts: the first part starts with our arrival in Colombo and it stops on the way to the mountains while the second part begins with the long ride to the sea and the end of our beautiful Srilankan adventure.

The Ladybug Chronicles Sri Lanka pt 1 (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Sri Lanka pt 1 (6)

The Ladybug Chronicles Sri Lanka pt 1 (4)

Flying to Colombo from Milan was a bit long and we arrived in the capital quite destroyed but as it was early afternoon we didn’t care about the stress and the fatigue and we started the visit of this beautiful colonial city where you can find a (pink) mosque near a (turquoise) Hindu temple and in front of a (golden) Buddhist temple, next door to a catholic church. I was totally fascinated by the pacific mixture of religions in Sri Lanka since the first day. The colors and smells of Colombo are incredible and totally captivating and the vintage style of the colonial buildings has a timeless appeal. The Indian Ocean completes the beautiful atmosphere while the noisy tuk tuks move quickly and everywhere! We got caught in a quick storm while visiting but at the end of the holiday we were so used to that, that we knew exactly when a new one was coming, how long it would last and how to handle with it!

We left early the day after because of the long bus ride to Dambulla, and we traveled along the Sabaragamuwa region to stop watching the baby elephants showering in the river and being fed with giant baby bottles at the Elephant Orphanage of Pinnawala. We traveled in the middle of amazing tropical nature but it was just the beginning because the powerful nature was the most important part of all the journey (as well as the amazing Srilankan food!).

The Ladybug Chronicles Sri Lanka pt 1 (1)

The Ladybug Chronicles Sri Lanka pt 1 (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Sri Lanka pt 1 (2)

On our third day we visited the magnificent Sigriya rock fortress (the Lion Rock): 1200 steps, 370 meters high, cliff-side, under the hot sun and with the highest humidity ever…it was hard but we made it and it was worth the effort not only for the archeological site but also for the incredible views.

The Ladybug Chronicles Sri Lanka pt 1 (8)

The Ladybug Chronicles Sri Lanka pt 1 (7)

The Ladybug Chronicles Sri Lanka pt 1 (10)

On that same day (after many bottles of fresh water and a delicious meal!) we headed to Polonnaruwa also known as one of the most ancient Srilankan kingdoms and a World Heritage site (btw did you know that some scenes of the Duran Duran video “Save a Prayer” from 1982 were filmed here?).  The archeological site and the ancient Buddha temples were such a mystic experience, especially under the rain!

The Ladybug Chronicles Sri Lanka pt 1 (11)

The Ladybug Chronicles Sri Lanka pt 1 (9)

I have to say that I saw some of the most magnificent Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka: on day 4 we headed to Dambulla to visit the famous Golden Temple containing more than 150 statues of Buddha in its caves decorated with secular paintings, one of the most incredible sites that I’ve ever seen and it is also part of the World Heritage.

From day 5 starts the second part of the journey and of my Srilankan chronicles: you will find it in my next post in a few days, so if you liked what you have seen so far stay tuned, more Srilankan adventures are on the way!

The Ladybug Chronicles Sri Lanka pt 1 (12)

The Ladybug Chronicles Sri Lanka pt 1 (14)

The Ladybug Chronicles Sri Lanka pt 1 (13)


The Ladybug goes green, finally!

The Ladybug Chronicles Goes Green (3)

Do you know when you get obsessed with something and you cannot find it and you get more and more stressed about it until you finally find it?

Well, this is what happened with my 2016 winter obsession with green pants. I decided that I wanted a pair of green trousers or culottes but I couldn’t find a pair that I liked until this winter, at Zara!

I was actually looking for corduroy culottes when I found these online and I thought that the color was so nice that I wanted to try them: they are in the middle between trousers and culottes and when I received them I realized that they were exactly what I wanted!

The Ladybug Chronicles Goes Green (1)

The Ladybug Chronicles Goes Green (4)

I wore them immediately with a Benetton black jumper and a black coat from Sportmax at Diffusione Tessile (where I almost buy all my non-vintage coats!). I added a touch of green with this Stondo asymmetric hat and golden loops from Sugar Mama Vintage.

But the biggest highlight of this post is this pair of amazing leather ankle boots with pearl buttons from Marella! I fell in love with them at the beginning of the season but I had to wait until the winter sales session to get a pair that I dreamed of for about 4 months!! Now they are at my feet almost daily (as they are also super comfortable!).

The Ladybug Chronicles Goes Green (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Goes Green (5)

The Ladybug is a modern 80s child

The Ladybug Chronicles Modern 80s Child (1)

I don’t buy only vintage. I’d love to but I find it too complicated and every now and then I am tempted by fast fashion and high street labels as well as designer.

Nevertheless I realize that even when I don’t buy vintage I always buy vintage inspired pieces that I love to mix with original ones to create my own personal vintage mixed outfits!

The Ladybug Chronicles Modern 80s Child (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Modern 80s Child (5)

It was the case when I bought this maxi camel jumper from H&M:I loved so much the 80s oversized flare that I bought it two sizes bigger just to exaggerate it!

I paired it with a black pencil skirt from Zara and original 90s slouchy boots from Max&Co. To complete the 80s look I added a pair of handmade “3/4 moon” brass earrings from my adored Metalica Creazioni.

The Ladybug Chronicles Modern 80s Child (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Modern 80s Child (4)

The Ladybug stays warm and cozy

The Ladybug Chronicles Warm and Cozy (2)

As the temperatures get lower it is time to stay warm and cozy in our favorite winter pieces.

Soft and warm scarves and sweaters are on top of my list especially since I live in Milan! I can get out without gloves or hats in winter but I cannot make it without a scarf!

The Ladybug Chronicles Warm and Cozy (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Warm and Cozy (3)

The checked one I am wearing here is from Momonì and it is possibly one of my favorite winter scarves as it is incredibly warm and soft. I wore it on a navy jumper from & Other Stories and denim culottes from Massimo Dutti.

Camel ankle boots are from Carmens and handmade brass earrings are from Metalica Creazioni.

The Ladybug Chronicles Warm and Cozy (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles Warm and Cozy (1)

The Ladybug apre le porte del suo Vintag shop: un tour virtuale nel mio mondo vintage!


IT: Poco più di un mese fa vi ho raccontato del mio sogno nel cassetto che è diventato realtà grazie a Vintag, la prima mobile app interamente dedicata al vintage per vendere e comprare online, grazie a cui ho finalmente creato quel negozio vintage che desideravo avere sin da quando ero una bambina che giocava con i vestiti della nonna.

Oggi invece voglio farvi entrare virtualmente nel mio negozio Vintag per raccontarvi cosa c’è dentro ed accompagnarvi in mezzo ad ognuno (o quasi!) dei pezzi che potete trovarci dentro perché ognuno di loro ha una storia da raccontare: un viaggio, un ricordo, un pezzo di un mondo lontano nello spazio e nel tempo.  Purtroppo non sempre ho il tempo di raccontarlo quando descrivo i pezzi che vendo, per questo ho deciso di farlo qui per cui mettetevi comodi, il tè e i pasticcini li offro io!

Il mio negozio si chiama TheLadybugChronicles, come il mio blog, un nome a cui tengo molto perché legato a tanti ricordi e perché rende l’idea del racconto: io – l’avrete capito – amo raccontare! In questo caso lo faccio tramite abiti, scarpe, borse, cappelli e altri accessori assolutamente originali (solo in pochi casi si tratta di riproduzioni in stile retrò e comunque lo specifico sempre) acquistati in Italia o in giro per il mondo in mercatini vintage, charity shop, negozi vintage e second-hand, fiere e addirittura qualche pezzo originale della mia infanzia come i maglioni Naf Naf o il cardigan e le felpe Best Company (queste ultime già vendute…chi di voi non le portava negli anni 90?) o giacche acquistate alla Montagnola di Bologna quando ero ancora una studentessa universitaria (doppiamente vintage!).

I miei pezzi quasi sempre raccontano un viaggio: alcuni vengono da Parigi, New York, Londra, Dublino, Francoforte, Lubiana e da tanti altri luoghi in cui ho scoperto un pezzo di vintage da portare con me. Alcuni li ho davvero scovati come si trova una perla in mezzo a tante cianfrusaglie come le scarpe rosse di Bally (un ritrovamento che mi ha quasi emozionato al Salvation Army di New York) o quelle di Escada e di Marc Jacobs (reperite in un negozietto di seconda mano a Francoforte in mezzo a tante scarpe vecchiotte e malandate) o ancora il cerchietto di Pucci (“abbandonato” in un charity shop di New York).


Ci sono pezzi easy anni 80 acquistati nei vari negozi Humana nel mondo (soprattutto abitini e camicie) o in mercatini e charity shop di tutto il mondo insieme a pezzi rarissimi di designer come gli occhiali trasparenti con gli strass di Yves Saint Laurent (un pezzo unico, anni 80, acquistato alla Fiera del Vintage di Padova) e quelli a gatto di Dior (un pezzo tra i miei preferiti in assoluto, recuperati da un’ottica in chiusura che li aveva in magazzino, così come quelli iconici e introvabili di Silvano Naldoni a farfalla rosa e azzurri) o quelli anni 80 sempre di Dior con il vecchio logo “CD” sulle aste laterali acquistati alla Fiera del Vintage di Forlì in una delle sue primissime edizioni.


E tanto altro ancora: cappe e pellicce vintage acquistate dalle vecchiette che vendono i loro pezzi davanti alle chiese per beneficenza; cappellini retrò per tutti i gusti e di tutte le forme/epoche provenienti da charity shop londinesi o da mercatini vintage di mezza Europa; pochette anni 80 che collezionavo ogni volta che mi recavo a Londra (praticamente una volta all’anno) dove si possono trovare le borsette vintage più belle in assoluto; abiti acquistati online o recuperati a casa di persone che svuotavano armadi e soffitte; stivali texani originali americani acquistati a New York in ottime condizioni.


E poi ci sono io, non solo a preparare pacchetti e a imbustare vestiti e scarpe per metterli in viaggio verso le vostre case e i vostri armadi con la gioia di sapere che troveranno presso di voi tanto amore e tanta cura. Ci sono io perché tutti questi pezzi non sono stati comprati per essere venduti, ma li ho comprati per me, perché li ho amati sin dal primo momento e perché li volevo con me. Sono cose che ho scelto per il mio gusto e che per qualche motivo non indosso più perché non mi stanno più bene o perché non c’è più spazio nei miei armadi e in qualche modo devo lasciarle andar via. A volte provo un certo dispiacere quando vendo dei pezzi a cui sono molto legata perché vorrei tenerli ancora: riguardo le foto in cui li indossavo con un po’ di nostalgia, ma sapere che andranno nelle mani di un altro amante del vintage mi rende più tranquilla perché è come consegnare qualcosa di tuo a qualcuno di cui ti fidi perché se ne prenda cura al posto tuo. E’ per questo che sono felice di avere uno spazio in una community come Vintag, perché so che chi acquista un mio ricordo personale lo amerà e ne avrà cura come se fosse un suo ricordo.

Se vi va contattatemi prima di acquistare un pezzo e sarò felice di raccontarvi qualcosa della sua storia, perché possiate anche voi tenerla viva. Sono certa che anche voi, come me, conservate quei piccoli oggetti che spesso si trovano nelle borse vintage (un penny, cento lire, una forcina, uno specchietto, un foglio di carta ingiallita) perché fanno parte della storia dei quell’oggetto. Ecco, allo stesso modo quando acquistate un pezzo da me vorrei lasciarvi un ricordo di cosa quel pezzo ha vissuto mentre era insieme a me.

EN: Last month I told you the story of my childhood dream turning into reality thanks to Vintag, the first mobile app completely dedicated to vintage, to buy and sell online. I finally created the vintage shop that I dreamed of when I was a child playing with my granny’s clothes!

Today I want to let you virtually tour my Vintag shop and to tell you what you can find, the story behind each piece of the shop (well, some of them!) because they all have a story to be told: a trip, a memory, a little piece of a world faraway from here in space and time. Unfortunately I don’t always find the time to tell their story when I sell them, so I decided to do it here. Then take a seat, tea and pastries are offered!

The name of my shop is TheLadybugChronicles, which is also the name of my blog: this name is important to me because it contains a lot of my childhood memories including the idea of chronicling. As you probably understood I love telling stories! In this case I do it through clothes, shoes, bags, hats and other original vintage accessories (rarely through retro style repros and in these cases I always say that the piece is not original vintage) that I bought in Italy or throughout the world in vintage markets, charity shops, vintage and second-hand shops, vintage fairs and even some own original childhood pieces (the Naf Naf jumpers or the Best Company cardigan and sweaters – already sold – that were so incredibly popular in Italy in the 90s or some vintage pieces that I bought at the Montagnola market in Bologna when I was a student at University – double vintage!).

Most of the times the objects that I sell tell a story about traveling: some come from Paris, New York, London, Dublin, Frankfurt, Ljubljana, and many other places in the world where I found a vintage piece that I wanted to bring home with me. Some of them were real pearls found in the middle of junk pieces, like the red Bally shoes (an emotional find in the Salvation Army in New York), or the Escada and Marc Jacobs shoes (found in a second-hand shop in Frankfurt in the middle of old shoes in bad conditions) or the Pucci headband (“abandoned” in a charity shop in New York).


There are many “easy” 80s pieces bought in as many Humana shops in the world (especially dresses and shirts) or in markets and vintage shops all over the world, along with rare designer pieces such as the Yves Saint Laurent transparent sequined eyeglasses (a very rare piece from the 80s bought at the Vintage Fair in Padua) and the cat-eye Dior sunglasses (one of my favorite pieces ever, found in the warehouse of a frames shop going out of business – same story for the iconic and impossible to find Silvano Naldoni pink and blue butterfly sunglasses) or the 80s Dior eyeglasses with the old “CD” logo on the side that I bought at one of the first editions of the Vintage Fair in Forlì.


And so much more: vintage capes and fur coats bought from the old ladies selling pieces for a good cause outside the churches; retro hats for every style and era coming from London charity shops or vintage markets from all over Europe; 80s clutches that I used to collect every time that I was in London (basically once a year) where there are the best vintage bags ever; dresses bought online or “rescued” from people emptying closets and attics; original Texan boots bought in New York and in great conditions.


And then there is me: not only me preparing packages and putting dresses and shoes inside to send them around the world to your houses and wardrobes with the joy of knowing that they will find love and care from you. There is me because all of these pieces were not bought to be sold, I bought them for me, because I loved them at first sight and I wanted them with me. I chose them following my taste and for some reason I don’t use them anymore or there is no more space in my wardrobe to keep them and in some way I have to let them go. Sometimes I feel sad when I sell pieces that have a meaning to me because I want to keep them: I look back nostalgically at pictures where I wore them but knowing that they will be in the hands of another vintage lover makes me feel better; it is like giving something that you care for to someone you trust for him/her to take care of it at your place. This is why I am happy of having my own space in a vintage community such as Vintag, because I know that the person that will buy one of my personal memory will love it and will take care of it as if it was his or hers.

If you like I would be happy if you contact me before buying a piece from my shop, so that I can tell you something about its story for you to keep it alive. I am sure that you, like me, treasure the small objects that we often find in vintage bags (a penny, an hairpin, a small mirror, an old piece of paper) because they are part of the story of the object. Well, in the same way I would love that when you buy from me, I can leave you a memory of that piece when it lived with me.

The Ladybug and the story of a vintage Nina Ricci shirt

The Ladybug Chronicles Nina Ricci Vintage (2)

One of my favorite recycling rules is re-selling what I don’t use anymore: it is a great idea to make room for new pieces in your wardrobe and to put together some money for travels or new fashion and vintage addictions!

I have always used Ebay as a platform to sell my wardrobe but in the last few months I got addicted to more mobile apps for my fashion recycling: Vintag,  (that I have already introduced you to some time ago and where I set-up my personal vintage shop,!) and Depop where I started selling and buying quite a lot lately.

The Ladybug Chronicles Nina Ricci Vintage (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Nina Ricci Vintage (1)

My first buy ever on Depop was this amazing vintage 70s Nina Ricci shirt from the wonderful seller Erre Moscia Blog: I totally fell in love with this vintage piece but as it was my first time on Depop I was a bit afraid. The transaction was super smooth and when I received the shirt I was fainting for how great it looked for real!

I took these pictures the first time that I wore it, with a velvet Massimo Dutti blazer and flare jeans to complete the 70s look even if the earrings, bought during an Antiques fair in Sorrento many years ago, are from the 80s.

The Ladybug Chronicles Nina Ricci Vintage (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles Nina Ricci Vintage (3)

The Ladybug is the perfect 70s employee

The Ladybug Chronicles Smart Office outfit (3)

I have been working in an office since 2004, almost 14 years now. But I could never get used to the office unwritten “fashion” rules. I mean, I can wear blazers and avoid ripped jeans and sneakers, but these rules want women looking all the same with boring blazers, white shirts, skirts and heels, “neutral” colors like grey, black and maybe brown. Too boring for me!

I can accept some of them (not all together!) but I need to add something personal before I die in a multitude of clones!

People working with me know that I am like this and that I cannot accept to hide my personality. So I always try to add a little something that says a little something about me.

The Ladybug Chronicles Smart Office outfit (1)

The Ladybug Chronicles Smart Office outfit (4)

This time it says that I love the 70s! There are no vintage pieces in this outfit (except for the boots) but everything has a clear 70s inspiration. First of all the jacket: a piece that I bought from Zara because I loved the pattern and the long fit…so 70s indeed! Same thing for the black skirt with big front pleat that I got from Marella two years ago.

Black jumper is from Benetton, earrings are handmade from Metalica Creazioni and the tiny necklace is one of my iconic jewelry pieces from & Other Stories.

Find your perfect casual women blazer!

The Ladybug Chronicles Smart Office outfit (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Smart Office outfit (5)

I consigli vintage di The Ladybug: i miei montoni preferiti su Vintag da comprare subito!


IT: Se mi avete seguito la scorsa settimana durante il mio weekend in cerca di vintage a Madrid avrete sicuramente notato lui, il mio fedele e inseparabile compagno di viaggio per tutto il weekend: il mio adorato montone vintage. Le temperature previste a Madrid erano bassissime e qualche giorno prima abbondanti fiocchi di neve avevano imbiancato questa bellissima città, per cui non ho avuto dubbi, avrei portato lui: caldo, avvolgente, morbido e assolutamente vintage! “Lui” è entrato nel mio armadio da pochissimo, appena tre settimane fa, quando me ne sono innamorata durante una svendita da I love vintage a Milano. Infatti questo è il momento perfetto dell’anno per accaparrarsene uno a prezzi stracciati visto che la maggior parte dei venditori a fine stagione offre super sconti su cappotti e pellicce! Per questo ho fatto un giro su Vintag per selezionare i pezzi migliori in vendita sull’app per tutti gli stili, per tutti i gusti e per tutte le tasche…molti a prezzi da non perdere!

Fino a qualche giorno fa ne avevo in vendita uno anch’io: un bellissimo montone lungo scamosciato anni 70, acquistato durante il Salone del Vintage a Parigi qualche anno fa, ma in questo momento è già nell’armadio di una simpaticissima vintagista che da ora in poi si occuperà di lui!

In realtà erano anni che cercavo il montone perfetto, un po’ come si cerca l’uomo ideale. Incontrati molti esemplari negli ultimi anni: chiari, scuri, più o meno vintage, lunghi, corti, in perfette condizioni o un po’ usurati, qualcuno mi ha accompagnato per un po’ mentre altri non mi hanno mai convinto ma nessuno prima da lui mi aveva davvero resa felice!

Eppure il montone è un capo imprescindibile per una vintagista: in primis è il capo più caldo in assoluto per ripararsi dal freddo, nessun cappotto o pelliccia riscaldano come un montone e durante gli inverni milanesi vi assicuro che averne uno è una salvezza (soprattutto per una siciliana freddolosa come me!); e poi niente grida “vintage” come un montone anni 70 o 80, con quelle silhouette fuori moda, maniche e spalle oversize (anni 80) o pelliccia sul collo e morbido scamosciato che segna la vita (anni 70); infine per quanto possa sembrare strano è un capo che va davvero con tutto e con ogni stile: il mio consiglio è sempre quello di acquistarlo in colori neutri tipo beige o grigio o al massimo nero in modo da poterlo adattare ad ogni outfit e di provare ad accessoriarlo in maniera diversa, dalle sneakers allo stivaletto col tacco, dal jeans all’abito in lurex o in velluto e scoprirete che il montone non è solo un capo casual. A Madrid mi sono divertita ad abbinarlo con jeans e anfibi sotto e turbanti luccicanti in lurex e maxi cerchi sopra e il risultato è stato molto apprezzato per le vie della città!

La grossa difficoltà nel trovare “quello giusto” per ognuna di noi è quella di riuscire ad identificare la forma che più si addice al nostro corpo e al nostro gusto per evitare il cosiddetto effetto “sacco di patate” se è troppo oversize o troppo lungo, rischiando di farci sembrare irrimediabilmente più basse, grasse e con spalle gigantesche! Per questo il montone è un pezzo difficilissimo e bisogna fare molti tentativi ed avere molta pazienza prima di trovare il nostro “perfect match”!

Non dimentichiamo però altri aspetti positivi di questo capo, come ad esempio il lato eco-friendly: perché comprarne uno nuovo se l’app Vintag pullula di bellissimi pezzi vintage per tutte le tasche?

Ad ogni modo mi sono concessa un giro su Vintag per selezionare per voi i miei pezzi preferiti per tutti i gusti e posso dirvi che ce ne sono di fantastici! Ecco le mie scelte:

  1. Il mio preferito – lo ammetto – è questo pezzo anni 80 color grigio fango di _prelovedvintage (attualmente anche in saldo), oversize ma non troppo, un colore fantastico e un modello classico, forse più adatto alle più alte vista la lunghezza sopra al ginocchio che non è generosa con tutte! Se però volete indossarlo con un paio di stivaletti col tacco allora nessun problema anche se non siete altissime! IMG_E4605
  2. Particolarissimo per la pelliccia a vista è questo pezzo fantastico di giusy268, un po’ più corto, sembra caldissimo e per chi se la sente di osare un po’ di più direi che è il capo perfetto (infatti io lo adoro!)                                                                              IMG_E4609
  3. Rimanendo sui toni del grigio e del nero vi segnalo anche questa chicca anni 80 di Blondiegirl con un disegno tono su tono che mi fa impazzire, così come la forma e la lunghezza appena sotto i fianchi che lo rende accessibile a tutte!  IMG_E4603
  4. Se invece preferite i toni neutri del beige taupe, un pezzo che mi piace tantissimo è questo di Zie Pulci (che conosco personalmente ed è anche una venditrice super gentile e adorabile!) molto classico ma sempre d’effetto!                                                IMG_E4607
  5. Per chi vuole concedersi il lusso del lungo io mi sono innamorata di questo pezzo caldissimo di temporarystore con ricami paisley sulla parte alta e con una forma decisamente super femminile!                                                                 IMG_E4608
  6. Invece per le amanti del montone anni 70 super avvitato e con pelliccia intorno al collo non potevo non segnalare questo di LaTouche, veramente pazzesco, vi confesso che è nei miei Preferiti da un po’!                                            IMG_E4606
  7. Per le amanti del montone/cappa svasatissimo vi segnalo anche questi due bellissimi pezzi molto particolari di Pag (il primo) e di circle (la cappa)!  IMG_E4604IMG_E4601
  8. Infine, un pezzo per i nostri uomini o per quelli che mi leggono…un classico anni 80 in pelle proposto da unconventionalist                                                      IMG_E4711

Fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate, se volete suggerirne altri o se vi sono piaciuti quelli scelti da me e magari ne avete anche acquistato uno con mia grande invidia…perché se è vero che io ho trovato il mio montone ideale è anche vero che uno non è mai abbastanza!

EN: If you followed me last week during my weekend in Madrid you probably noticed “him”, my adored vintage shearling coat that I wore during all the weekend. Temperatures in Madrid were very low and a few days before my arrival it snowed a lot, the reason why I decided to bring it with me: warm, soft and incredibly vintage! It joined my wardrobe just a few weeks ago during a flash sale at I Love Vintage in Milan. Indeed this is the perfect time of the year to get a real bargain as most of the sellers offer super reduced prices at the end of the season on shearling coats and furs. This is why I decided to have a look on Vintag to choose the best shearling coats on sale to fit every style, every body shape and every budget (many are at super bargain prices!).

Until a few days ago I also had one on sale on Vintag: a beautiful long 70s shearling coat that I bought at the Salon du Vintage in Paris a few years ago, but it is now in a vintage lover’s wardrobe who will take care of it from now on!

To be honest I have been looking for the perfect shearling coat for years, as I have been looking for the right man! I met many in the last few years: dark, pale, more or less vintage, long, short, in perfect conditions or a bit used, some of them stayed with me for a while, others never convinced me but none of them made me happy as it does!

The shearling coat is a “must have” for a vintage lover: it is the warmest coat ever as no other coat or fur can be this warm during winter times (believe me, it saved me during many Milanese winter days…and don’t forget I am Sicilian!); also nothing is more vintage than a 70s or 80s shearling coat with these old fashioned shapes, oversize shoulders and sleeves (80s) or with furred collars and fitted shapes (70s); moreover, for how strange it may seem it really goes with everything and it suits every style: in my opinion it is better to buy it in a neutral color (beige, camel, grey or black) in order to pair it almost with everything then you can have fun trying to accessorize it in different ways, from the sneakers to the heeled ankle boots, from denim to shiny or velvet dresses, you will find out that shearling coat is not only a casual piece. In Madrid I had fun pairing it with jeans and biker boots and with shiny turbans and maxi loop earrings and the results was pretty much appreciated in the streets!

The hardest part is to find the “right one” for each of us and to identify the shape that suits us better, just to avoid the “sack effect” if it is too oversize or too long with the risk of looking shorter, fatter at with big shoulders. This is the reason why the shearling coat is a very difficult piece and you need to try patiently many times before finding the perfect match!

Anyway you shouldn’t forget other positive aspects of this piece, for example it is eco-friendly when vintage so: why buying a new one if the app Vintag is full of amazing pieces for every budget?

Anyway I decided to surf the Vintag app to find for you fìmy favorite ones for every style and I can tell you that I found many great coats. Here are my favorite ones (see pictures above):

  1. Honestly my favorite one, an 80s grey coat from _prelovedvintage (currently reduced), oversize but not too much, a great color and a classic shape, maybe it suits better the tallest ones as it is knee-length which is not flattering for everyone; but you can still wear it with heeled ankle boots if you are not too tall!
  2. Very rare with extra fur, I love this coat from giusy268, a bit shorter, it looks so warm and comfy, it is perfect for those who want to dare (this is maybe the reason why I adore it!)
  3. A special one from the 80s in black proposed by Blondiegirl with a tone-on-tone pattern that I adore, as well as I adore the shape and the hips-length that makes it wearable for almost everyone!
  4. If you prefer neutral tones, here is a beige taupe one that I like a lot from Zie Pulci (I know her personally and she is also a very kind and adorable seller): a classic with a great effect!
  5. For those who want it long, I fell in love with this warm piece from temporarystore with paisley embroidery on top and a very feminine shape!
  6. For the 70s lovers a super fitted piece with fur collar from LaTouche, a real pearl, it has been in my Wishlist for a while now!
  7. For the cape lovers I found these two beautiful pieces from Pag (the first one) and circle (the cape)!
  8. Last but not least a piece for our men or for the men reading this: a classic 80s leather shearling coat proposed by unconventionalist.

Let me know what you think, if you want to suggest more or if you liked my choices, maybe you also bought one of them, for which I am pretty jealous because if it is true that I found my perfect shearling coat, it is also true that one is never enough!

The Ladybug’s golden shine!

The Ladybug Chronicles Golden Boots (2)

Last summer during the very last days of seasonal sales (usually during the same days of my birthday!) I decided to treat myself with a last birthday present (the biggest one being my trip to Senegal!): a pair of amazing pointy golden boots from Dune London with killer heels at a super reduced price!

I was a bit scared because I read many different opinions on these shoes but when I received them and started using them regularly I was very satisfied with my new babies!

They for sure look good but they are also super comfortable as I can wear them all day without having my feet sore. Some people complained about the material (also on my Instagram) and the fact that the zips broke very easily but at the moment I am pretty satisfied and I used them quite a lot.

The Ladybug Chronicles Golden Boots (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles Golden Boots (1)

I also like the fact that I can wear them during summer or winter, night and day, causal and dressed up, they fit every outfit and they add a glowing touch that I like a lot.

This time I wore them casual (…very casual!) with an oversize clear blue shirt from Topshop (another summer bargain at the very end of the seasonal sales!) and a pair of skinny black jeans from Acne Studios.

Another golden touch: my adored Fulani earrings from Africaialha on Etsy.

The Ladybug Chronicles Golden Boots (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Golden Boots (5)

The Ladybug kno-kno-knocking on a vintage door…

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Door (1)

I’ve been passing by this door probably a million times in my life but when I really put my eyes on it last summer I fell in love with it!

The frame felt so vintage that I wanted some pictures there even if I wasn’t wearing anything vintage!

But I was wearing a piece that is very important to me: a typical Senegalese skirt that was offered to me by a friend of mine in Dakar before leaving her amazing country. I received so many fashion pieces there and I cherish them as if they were the most precious ones, and in some way they are as they are.

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Door (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Door (2)

I paired my beautiful skirt with a navy tee from Cos and navy Swedish Hasbeens sandals; but I also added another African touch, another handmade piece with wax fabric, but that I bought in Milan a few years ago (at the “Artigiano in Fiera” craft fair) : a pair of giant statement earrings!

Moroccan straw bag from Maluan Maroquinerie on Etsy.

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Door (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Door (3)