The Ladybug and the Mysterious Baths

The Ladybug Chronicles Bagni Misteriosi (1)

There is a mysterious place in Milan and I call it like that not only because its name is Mysterious Baths (Bagni Misteriosi) but also because many people don’t know the story of this beautiful place. A few years ago it was opened as one of the trendiest swimming pools and bars in town, a great location for parties, events and markets but not many people know that this place was conceived in the 30s and was already a famous space for sports and arts with a swimming pool already at the time.

I was so curious to see this space (possibly not during the crowded summer days) that when I knew from Ilaria that she was having a stall at the Wunder Mrkt (a famous handmade and vintage market in Milan held in different locations during the year) and that the venue for the event was the Bagni Misteriosi, I immediately went there to say hi, walking around to meet new crafters and vintage dealers and taking some pictures.

As you can see the space is very linear and has a typical 30s Italian style and I was not disappointed at all (except for the lack of courtesy of people running the bar during the event, but this is another story).

The Ladybug Chronicles Bagni Misteriosi (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Bagni Misteriosi (6)

The Ladybug Chronicles Bagni Misteriosi (4)

As it was a sunny but quite cold spring day but I was spending it at the swimming pool (!) I decided to add a touch of yellow to my black outfit, starting from these amazing Miista yellow crocodile printed shoes that I got during the winter sales and that I love for their incredible vintage vibe and because they are comfortable as hell! I also wore a handmade big yellow brooch made with pieces of old fabrics and buttons that I bought during another market here in Milan from a lovely lady but I cannot remember her name. Last yellow touch my mustard turtleneck sweater from Benetton.

The other half of the outfit is absolutely black: from the Sportmax coat (a bargain from their outlet a couple of years ago!) to the Levi’s jeans and to the beautiful handmade headband decorated with small crystals from Madame Ilary.

PS: All my rings are Berber finds from Marrakech! Silver earrings are from Genni Pi.

Photo Credit: Milena Molinari

The Ladybug Chronicles Bagni Misteriosi (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Bagni Misteriosi (3)

The Ladybug goes green in Munich (part 1)

The Ladybug Chronicles Munich green wax (8)

I am really sorry, I know it’s fall, I know I should wear tights, I know I should post fall outfits but No, I can’t do it! First of all because I still have loads of outfits from this summer to show you; second it is still quite warm in Milan and I want to enjoy “tightless” days as much as I can; third I am not accepting winter this year, so you will see colorful and summer outfits for a while before I surrender to the cold temperatures!

So let’s go back to Germany and Munich, where (I realized it later) I worn a lot of green.

The Ladybug Chronicles Munich green wax (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Munich green wax (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles Munich green wax (1)

I wore these green wax trousers from Heka Couture on my first Saturday off in town: it was a beautiful day and we enjoyed a typical Bavarian lunch in the city center, we visited again the city center as tourists would do and we did a little shopping in town (it was still summer sales season!) before heading to Mädels-Flohmarkt, a garage sale where private sellers could sell their stuff while enjoying music and beer. It was the perfect place to find a good bargain (as my sales session was quite disappointing!): indeed I found an amazing vintage leather biker jacket for just 17 euros!

The Ladybug Chronicles Munich green wax (9)

The Ladybug Chronicles Munich green wax (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Munich green wax (6)

I found the event on Facebook while I was there, this is why I always suggest to have a look online before traveling somewhere, you never know if a cool event is in town when you are there!

I paired my wax trousers with Asos short frilled striped top (yes, naked belly again!) and Nike 4 & Other stories white sneakers (perfect for my long walks!).

Photo Credit: Marco di Terlizzi

The Ladybug Chronicles Munich green wax (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Munich green wax (7)

The Ladybug is a wax princess for a day!

The Ladybug Chronicles wax dress (1)

After being quiet for a few weeks (I was on holiday and I only updated my social channels!) I am back at blogging with an outfit post to show you my new dress!

This dress…it has such a power on me! I feel like a princess every time I wear it! People stop me in the street to tell me how beautiful it is and I really think it is!

I received this wax fabric as a present from a friend and I gave it to Ilaria (owner of Madame Ilary and Heka Couture) and this is what she created with it! I was wearing it while out with a friend in Milan one day before the holidays and when I found this graffiti-door I couldn’t resist to take pictures there!

The Ladybug Chronicles wax dress (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles wax dress (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles wax dress (3)

I paired it flat Miu Miu sandals, Nepalese vintage necklace and a vintage silver handcuff.

Last touch, my vintage straw bag, a piece that I found in a lovely shop (Vintage Galerija) in Ljubljana a few years ago.

The Ladybug Chronicles wax dress (5)

Soul Sunday with KNAGUI: Taking a Bite Out of the Ladybug’s “Big Apple”

“New York, New York big city of dreams, but everything in New York ain’t always what it seems. You might be fooled if you come from outta town, but I’m down by law- I know my way around.”  These lyrics by Grand Master Flash hit my mind often; especially when I touch down in New York, but when I visited the City in April I was introduced to another facet… New York Vintage.

My trips to New York are always the same: meeting in high story offices with incredible views, bagel run at H&H Bagels on the Upper West Side, Chinese at my favorite spot in Chinatown and a short visit with family.  This trip wasn’t to much different (H&H closed in January-sniff, sniff), but there was an added purpose.  The Ladybug had planned a trip the following month and asked me to visit and stake out some spots to know if they were still there and/or with her time.  You see, we wanted to be there together and show each other “our New York,” but it couldn’t happen- so we opted to do a check list with photo sharing.

One of the shops I stopped by was L Train Vintage.  The Ladybug has shown you the great pieces she picked up there, but I thought I might deviate from my norm and share with you my “virgin vintage” find.

As quiet as it’s kept, I’m a pretty good shopper.  I was raised shopping around with my aunts.  That might be where my “eye” comes from.  I’m not “into” fashion, so I don’t know what to call these pants, but I instantly loved them.

When I bought them I was super excited!!! Now don’t get me wrong- I didn’t some thrifting and retro wearing when I was in college, but this was different. The purpose around the purchase was vintage and I felt like I’m finally inside this world I correspond with.

I have to admit, I enjoyed the flavor of the Ladybug’s Big Apple and I couldn’t wait to tell her about my find, but I severely downplayed it and told her that I’d show them to her when I got to Italy.  Little did she know, she’d soon be my photographer and I her model.

So I’m seen here in my vintage pants by Thomson, paired with a Jack and Jones T-shirt I picked up in Berlin.  My accessories: Belt by Trussardi, a music bracelet that was a gift from a fellow musician I did a clinic with in May, charm bracelet is by Axcent with charms I’ve acquired over the years, pearl by MiMi and watch by Pryngeps. Finally the shoes are Bed Stü… I picked them up in a shop called Shoegasm near Canal.

The pants really worked out well. I only needed to have the hem lowered. One funny thing is the number size of the waist- 40… much larger than what I wear, but I guess that’s what that vanity sizing in today fashion is all about.

The Ladybug and I had fun doing this shoot.  I did a few Zoolander poses, but they were too awful to post.

Hope you like what you see.  And if you dig the photography, let her know!

See you “Next Sunday!”

The Ladybug Hangs In Florence pt. 1

My few days in Florence were really intense: long walks, sightseeing, a bit of shopping and of course much vintage hunting!
I’m sharing here one of my outfits, actually my New Year’s Day outfit. Everything was closed and I was very hungry so I found a Chinese take-out near my B&B (btw, Sandra Bed & Breakfast in Florence is so cute and warm: she and her husband Paolo are adorable!) and ate in a park not too far away!
Then I reached the Duomo where I met my best friend from college for a tea, a typical Tuscan dinner near Piazza della Signoria and a nice walk on the Ponte Vecchio.
Soul Sunday contributor, KNAGUI, returned the styling favor and put me in a Siste’s for Topshop skull sequined cardigan, a houndstooth Zara skirt- I added a vintage handbag (bought in Florence in March), handmade earrings from Unica and my cherished Jeffrey Campbell Lita ankle boots in black and kept myself warm in this Topshop faux fur cape. Btw, I found out that my Lita’s are uber comfortable for long walks… as if I didn’t adore them enough already!

(Photo Credit: KNAGUI)

Some pictures of the magnificent Duomo

And some from my favourite shop…MIU MIU!