The Ladybug is still in the shadow but very close to the light…


One day my friend Ilaria (the artistic mind behind Madame Ilary and Heka Couture brands) called me to say that she created a tee that I would have loved. She didn’t say more and invited me to her showroom to see it in person. When I arrived there I recognized it among many others: the “girl-with-a-turban” black tee was indeed perfect for me!

How to wear it then if not with a turban? Better if from Madame Ilary spring collection in soft navy lurex that matched perfectly my new Zara striped lurex skirt!



As I wore it on a Saturday morning I made it casual with white sneakers from Nike at & Other Stories, Michael Kors black bucket bag and my afro comb brass necklace from Afrohemien.

PS: I really like the shadow/light effects of this set of pictures, it represented a lot the situation where I found myself when they were taken. Still in the shadow but very close to the light…



The Ladybug on total black outfits and total black days

The Ladybug Chronicles velvet dress (4)

I know that it’s strange to see me wearing head-to-toe black outfits but yes, I have my total black days too!

Sometimes it happens that I wake up moody and angry and that my early morning meditation is almost useless!

During these days you will see me wearing a lot of black (thanks God they are pretty rare!).

This outfit comes from one of those days: black yes, but still stylish!

The Ladybug Chronicles velvet dress (1)

The Ladybug Chronicles velvet dress (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles velvet dress (3)

The velvet tunic dress with flower decorations (the only color that I’m wearing here!) comes from Zara: I loved the vintage inspiration and I got it for less than 15 euros during the winter sales. Same thing for the ankle boots that I found on sale this winter at The Shoes of Pretty Box: they looked so vintage and they were so comfortable that I imagined to wear them almost every day (which I actually did!) with almost every outfit!

I tried to compensate my total black outfit with golden jewelry. The big earrings are from & Other Stories while my brass bracelets have African roots: one comes from Senegal and the one with the shell is from the amazing Afrohemien.

The Ladybug Chronicles velvet dress (6)

The Ladybug Chronicles velvet dress (2)