The Ladybug’s third stop of the virtual tour of Messina: the beach

The Ladybug Chronicles Bayside (7)

The third and last stop (for now) of my virtual tour of my hometown Messina couldn’t be another place than the beach. I couldn’t realize how lucky I was to live in a town with a beautiful beach and clean turquoise sea in the city, until I moved to Northern Italy to start University in a city without the sea.

After many years I keep looking for the sea everywhere I go and I still dream of moving to a city close to the sea, which is definitely not the city where I live now!

In Messina, in summer you can go to the beach whenever you have time: lunchtime if you work, at 5pm when you finish work, spend all day there or just a few hours to get a fabulous tan, to swim or any other beach activity that comes to your mind. In winter there is no place more peaceful than the sea, where I go every time that I feel lost and anxious.

This is exactly what I did on that warm day of December: finding my inner peace in front of MY sea, in a little fishermen’s beach not far from where I live (10 minutes by walk!).

The Ladybug Chronicles Bayside (1)

The Ladybug Chronicles Bayside (6)

The Ladybug Chronicles Bayside (2)

I wore my favorite vintage black leather skirt from New Retro Vintage in Bucharest (my favorite vintage find of that trip!) and a Benetton turtle neck mustard sweater (one of my favorite colors lately). Simple outfit but with three accessories that I adore:

         i.            The amazing Bayside 84 vintage leather backpack that I have been looking for ages until I found my perfect match at the airport before flying back home. The leather is the softest ever and I love that you can wear it as a bag or as a backpack (I always use it as a backpack because I was seriously looking for a cute one like this!).

       ii.            The snake-printed clogs from L’Autre Chose: these are the cutest wooden clogs ever with warm wool inside and they are uber comfortable. I loved them since the beginning but I could only afford them during a sample sale in Milan a few months ago! Now we are almost inseparable!

      iii.            The huge handmade brass earrings from Metalica Creazioni: I love everything crafted by the amazing Francesca but those were just fantastic! I truly adore them!

Well, my virtual tour of Messina is over for now but I promise more stops in town when I’ll be back (hopefully soon)!

Watch this space!

The Ladybug Chronicles Bayside (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Bayside (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Bayside (4)

The Ladybug’s favorite Island #3: a long non-vintage weekend in Sardinia

Mari Pintau

Mari Pintau

How good are those unplanned holidays that start with a call from a friend saying: “Hi, do you have a couple of days off in September for a long weekend in Sardinia?”

You can’t say no because you are already over excited thinking that when your summer holidays end and you have to go back to work, you still have a long weekend of peace and sea with your adorable friend doing nothing but swimming, tanning, reading and eating in one of the most beautiful places on earth!

Sardinia in September is just perfect: it is still warm and sunny (we were very lucky indeed!) but it is not crowded as it may be in August and it is so relaxed and peaceful.

It wasn’t my first time in Sardinia, I went there many years ago in the same area that I visited this year (Villasimius) and it was a pleasure to see again the people and places I loved years ago.

Mari Pintau. Bloody Edith striped tee, Please trousers, New Balance sneakers

Mari Pintau. Bloody Edith striped tee, Please trousers, New Balance sneakers

Punta Molentis (Bikini Miss Bikini)

Punta Molentis (Bikini Miss Bikini)

No need to tell you about the incredible turquoise color of the sea, the softness of the sand and the breathtaking sights as Sardinia is already famous all over the world for these things. We ate the best fish and cakes and we enjoyed full days at the beach eating Sardinian cheese and bread, reading, swimming and snorkeling. I couldn’t be happier than that!

Unfortunately this was my very final summer holiday but I came back super relaxed, happy, tanned and of course fatter…but you can’t refuse all the great things that this amazing island has to offer!

More posts from Sardinia next week! Stay tuned!

Sinequanone dress, Zara bag, Fiori Francesi ankle boots

Sinequanone dress, Zara bag, Fiori Francesi ankle boots

Mari Pintau

Mari Pintau

The Ladybug Leaves Her Heels to Visit Her Indivisible Land of Oz Again: Love, Corsica

The Ladybug Chronicles - Corsica II 02

Last summer, while I needed to decide quickly with my friends where to go on holiday for the mid-August festive days, we decided to try Corsica- because none of us had ever visited. As you may remember we fell in love with it very quickly and we promised to return this year. Well, that promise was kept a couple of weeks ago.

This time we decided to go south-east and to visit the area of Porto Vecchio: I can’t describe the perfection of this wonderful week spent there. Where should I start? Maybe from the most amazing beaches and sea that I’ve seen there: every day was such a great experience and when we thought we couldn’t find a better beach the day after was even more amazing than the day before. I should also mention that the weather was amazing, the beaches were almost desert, the prices were great as we were in low-season and snorkeling was on the daily list. We switched the nightlife for a good run after a whole day at the sea and a handmade dinner, sometimes for a tasty Corsican dinner.

I tried to make a recap of the beautiful beaches that I visited by taking a picture in each of them!

Day One: at Saint Cyprien beach (wearing a vintage Mexican embroidered shirt, Zara sweatpants, Marc by Marc Jacobs straw bag, Roxy flip-flops)

The Ladybug Chronicles - Corsica II 03

Day Two: at Santa Ghjulia beach (wearing Topshop Hawaiian shirt, Freddy sweatpants, Roxy flip-flops, Tom Ford sunglasses)

The Ladybug Chronicles - Corsica II 04

Day Three: amazing boat tour of Bonifacio and the wonderful natural reserve of the Lavezzi Island (wearing Topshop red dress)

The Ladybug Chronicles - Corsica II 05

Day Four: at Palombaggia beach (wearing Kor a Kor shirt, Zara trousers, Roxy flip-flops, Marc by Marc Jacobs straw bag, Tom Ford sunglasses)

The Ladybug Chronicles - Corsica II 06 Day Five: at Rondinara beach (wearing Zara tee and trousers, Roxy flip-flops, Marc by Marc Jacobs straw bag, Tom Ford sunglasses)

The Ladybug Chronicles - Corsica II 07

Day Six: at Cala Rossa beach (wearing Zara tee, Topshop trousers, Tom Ford sunglasses)

The Ladybug Chronicles - Corsica II 08

Day Seven: at Pinarello beach (wearing Topshop dress and Tom Ford sunglasses again)

The Ladybug Chronicles - Corsica II 09

Here’s a tip: if you want to visit the Island and you are a vintage lover: in Porto Vecchio every Sunday morning there are lovely car boot sales and small vintage markets all around the town: ask the locals for more information (and great fun)!

Do you understand now why I love this island so much? Plus, it feels like home and I love speaking French all day… I’m already in need of a swift return! Corsica rules!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Corsica II 01


The Ladybug On How To Fall In Love In 5 Days: Corsica Day #5


My last day in Corsica was for sure my favorite, or should I say the one I enjoyed the most.

We were in Calvi in the morning were we visited the old fort, enjoying the view and village life: we had a perfect French breakfast and we bought some tasty things to take to the beach a bit later… the most fabulous thing is that we found an amazing beach, with no name, almost isolated were we had the best time snorkeling!



Same thing in the afternoon in another almost unknown beach were we enjoyed the real rough of Corsica!

For the day, I stayed comfy with a pair of vintage denim shorts and a Zara funny tee.


I added one of my favorite head bands that I bought from Be Bop a Hairband: she sells lovely ’50s inspired head bands that fit perfectly and that, for once, I wanted to use in a non-’50s inspired look with my natural curly hair! You can visit Be Bop a Hairband’s FB page for more colors and patterns and to buy!

The other vintage piece is, of course, my “Corsica vintage sunnies,” a pair of ’80s does ’50s sunglasses from Punti di Vista (one of my best memories from the Summer Jamboree in Senigallia!).



The Ladybug On How To Fall In Love In 5 Days: Corsica Day #4


I know we are already in autumn, but some days, like today, are hot enough that I feel the need to get in the car and drive to the nearest beach just to take advantage of these last days of sunshine!

But I am in Milan, I go to work every day and during the weekends the weather is as usual cloudy and sometimes rainy so… I can only seat at my computer and have a look at my pictures from this summer, especially those from Corsica!



Here is my outfit from day 4… when I was already almost completely in love with this island!

That day I visited two beautiful beaches, Boldri and Algajola and I decided to wear one of the masterpieces of my closet: the super famous Barbara Hulanicki leopard dress for Topshop from some years ago!



I had to buy it from Ebay because it was so impossible to get from their online store or in their shops: the only negative is that it is very short so that I can only use it at the beach or with some skirt/shorts underneath.

I added a retro touch with this vintage large straw hat that I bought for only 8 euros at my adored Humana Vintage in Milan.



The Ladybug On How To Fall In Love In 5 Days: Corsica Day #3


While in Corsica, not only where the days spent at the beach amazing… (wonderful sea, white sand), but the transition into the nights (sunny landscapes replaced by wonderful views especially at sunset) were magnificent as well.




It was during one of these sunsets that I took some pictures of a very simple and fresh outfit:

I am not wearing vintage this time, but a thrifted crochet black dress from H&M and a pair of beige Superga. I added a touch of summer with this beautiful and colorful Moschino “Afrik” beaded necklace that I bought on sale (70% off!) this summer in Sicily.

Oh… and no bag… freedom from accessories like bags and watches was one of my greatest experiences of this summer!




The Ladybug On How To Fall In Love In 5 Days: Corsica Day #2


Maybe it’s because it’s been raining all day today in Milan, but I felt that it was time for sharing my 2nd day in Corsica!

And it’s not too strange that I am going for a beach post!

I am here on the beautiful beach of Ostriconi, the weather was a bit windy, but I enjoyed some good waves… such a shame I didn’t have a board to go surfing!



As I wrote in day #1, it was time for long walks and the most important thing was to be comfortable, but I tried to keep it stylish and retro at the same time!

I am, indeed, paring denim shorts from Topshop and a Kate Moss for Topshop cotton grey top (both from a couple of seasons ago) with two vintage pieces:

a lovely headscarf representing Paris’ monuments and clichés that I found for a few euros at Humana Vintage, in Milan;

and my favorite ’80s does ’50s sunglasses from Punti di Vista that I got in Senigallia during the Summer Jamboree which I used quite exclusively during the rest of summer!




The Ladybug On How To Fall In Love In 5 Days: Corsica Day #1


After spending some time at home with my family and a lovely weekend in Senigallia for the Summer Jamboree I could finally go on holiday! And when I say “going on holiday” I really mean it: no phone, no computer, only sea, books and eating!

My friends and I decided to take advantage of the Mid-August standard office holidays to spend 5 days somewhere near the sea-side: not knowing where to go, we finally decided to head to Corsica because none of us had been there before.



Well… this was the beginning of my love story with this island with which I fell in love in only 5 days!

I expected for it to be like Sardinia, which I visited and loved some years ago, but what I found in Corsica- I’ve never found anywhere else… and I only visited a small part of it in a few days!



I’ll share some of the outfits I wore while there, and a few little pics of my favorite places…

When we arrived in the morning, we immediately threw ourselves onto the lovely beach of Saint Florent. After a restoring swim we headed to the wonderful (yet hard to reach!) beach of Saleccia, where we enjoyed the best sea ever! We then spent the rest of the night in a beautiful village called Pigna… which is considered the most beautiful village in Corsica. The atmosphere is unbelievable… and the view from the top of the rock is to die-for!



I wore a JCPenney golden lace top with black collar (that KNAGUI found for me in the States!), a pair of ripped Zara jeans and flat sandals from Bagatt.

Very simple, no vintage (even if the JCP top has a retro-inspired flavor!)… with my natural curly hair and a touch of red lipstick from Kiko!