The Ladybug is an Italian Beauty at Sephora’s Book & Makeup Event in Milan

The Ladybug Chronicles - Sephora Aug 2014 05

You know already that I am a Sephora fanatic: I spend a lot of time (and money!) in their shops, and it is one of my favorite shopping places in Milan. I can always find the latest trends and my favorite makeup brands, but did you know that Sephora could also be a perfect place for a book event…? Well, the answer is yes- if it is a book about makeup!

A few weeks ago Erica (Erica Makeup Dolls), Alessia (My Head is a Fashion Jungle) and I had been invited to the presentation of Anna Airoldi and Gabriella Lojacono book called: “Italian Beauty,” a special journey inside the world of beauty and its secrets, a world in constant change and evolution- approached by two curious customers, Anna and Gabriella. Gabriella was amazing and told us about how the book was conceived and how they found out about a new fascinating world behind the scenes of the Italian makeup market. I also loved the simplicity of her approach with the genuine curiosity of a user/customer and a woman, like all of us, who loves makeup- as we all do! It was the same approach she used with us when we started taking selfies… plus she had (like one of the Benefit Cosmetics slogans) “the most powerful make up that a woman can wear,”  her contagious smile!

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The Ladybug Chronicles - Sephora Aug 2014 04

The Ladybug Chronicles - Sephora Aug 2014 02

Of course there wasn’t a better place than Sephora to talk about beauty! Moreover it all happened in their wonderful new shop on via Durini with some special guests that have a lot to say about beauty. All of the Benefit Cosmetics crew was there, not only as special partners of Sephora, but also to help us girls try the new amazing They’re Real liner gel and mascara and share the famous Brow Bar experience!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Sephora Aug 2014 09

The Ladybug Chronicles - Sephora Aug 2014 03

Last but not least, Mr. Daniel Makeup, one of the most famous beauty bloggers and youtubers, was there to share some beauty secrets with all of us and to take pictures of course!

Here you can find some of our delirious pictures with him, Erica and Aurora, the beautiful and talented Benefit Cosmetics beauty consultants!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Sephora Aug 2014 06

The Ladybug Chronicles - Sephora Aug 2014 08

The Ladybug Chronicles - Sephora Aug 2014 07

The Ladybug’s Quiet Desire: Reviving the Dream of Perfect Pinup Eyes with Benefit Cosmetics

The Ladybug Chronicles - B-Liner 02After more than two years of vintage blogging, of pinup dreams and retro outfits it is time for me to confess a sad truth. Aside from my successful red lipstick I have failed at my attempts to look like a pin up… for years!

Yes, my ugly truth is that I consider myself a failed pinup.

I am awful at making lustful waves or victory rolls with my hair, and I am even worse when it comes to makeup. I can’t make a cat-eye line, and every time I try to put on an eye-liner- I end up looking more like someone who forgot to remove it the night before, slept in it and had to quickly run out of the house before consulting the mirror.

Indeed, it’s that bad… How can I fulfill my pinup dreams with this eye-line nightmare?



I’m not sure, but believe me… I will not be defeated. I will keep refining my techniques- practicing my victory rolls and eye-liner lines; still, sometimes you just need help! And that’s where Benefit Cosmetics, with their natural penchant for retro style, came in and thought of me and of all the failed pinups when it launched the “They’re Real” line for perfect eyes not long ago. I started using their “beyond mascara” a year ago after buying it in the States and (even if I have natural voluminous and curled eyelashes) I found it gave me a more dramatic effect. The long-wearing formula that avoids smudging and drying out also helped me gain more volume and well separated lashes. I can use it every day and was sure that after a whole day of work the mascara would still be up and with exact same effect that I had in the morning. No need to say that it is my new mascara!



Even more surprising is the incredibly innovative They’re Real push-up gel liner pen: I say surprising because I didn’t expect that it could give new life to my failed pinup dream! Yes; because of this incredible pen, the “ugly eye line killer” is now a light-weight professional! Can you imagine that I now do my eyes in few minutes while I am rushing to work in the morning? I know, it sounds crazy but it’s true. [My valley girl impression] Like; the mascara, like, it doesn’t smudge, budge or dry out (which was my main problem with the other eye-liners that I tried in the past), and it is, like, so easy to use! Jokes aside; for me, it’s the product of the year!

Now with them both being waterproof products, let me add one me beauty to the mix: the They’re Real Remover that lifts away the long-wearing products with a gentle formula that won’t make your eyes red or wet.

This is the result, what do you think? Maybe I can revive my old pinup dreams after all,  because… They’re Real!!

(Find out more at

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The Ladybug Chronicles - B-Liner 01


The Ladybug’s Brow Lift @ Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bar in Sephora: Go Big or Go Home!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Benifit Brow 02

It is time for me to confess one of my latest obsessions to you: brows.

Cara (Delavigne) gave us access to this new world which became a trend. And grant it, I’m not the one who goes for trends, but I do appreciate new suggestions in fashion and beauty. And with my personal stake in trying to perfect my brow, I answered the call of the trend that wanted us all with large, long, hairy patches above our eyes to come into the land of perfectly shaped brows.

Being the most classic attribute of myself, I started studying the trend- becoming obsessed by focusing my attention on people’s eyebrows on tv, in films and magazines, but also on the subway.  I must have come across like a fetishist every time I said to someone: “Wow, you have great brows” or “You changed something… is that your brows?”

The Ladybug Chronicles - Benifit Brow 03

The Ladybug Chronicles - Benifit Brow 05

What I realized through my research of this obsession is that a well-shaped and manicured brow can completely change your look, your face and your expression…I was intrigued.

One day my colleague Lili (the one that you saw in the ’70s outfit post) came back to the office after her lunch with a totally different face: I was noticing for the first time her eyebrows. I timidly asked where she was at lunch and she said that she ate a quick sandwich to make time for her to get her brows done at Sephora… Bingo! It was all about brows again! But… Sephora?? I thought it was just a perfume and makeup shop…

The Ladybug Chronicles - Benifit Brow 07

The Ladybug Chronicles - Benifit Brow 06

Here then began my awareness of Benefit Cosmetics’ Brow Bar. Lily introduced me to Benefit Cosmetics last year and I became totally addicted to most of their products. Not only as a vintage lover (because I die for the retro packaging), but I am really addicted to some of the products inside the packages… and when I say some, I mean all those that I tried. The crazy thing about Benefit is that I didn’t even know what most of the products are for, but once their beauty consultant showcases them I realize that I can’t do my makeup without them! I know, I am a woman!!

And here’s another thing: their beauty consultants are TOP NOTCH! They are all very knowledgeable on the products. Honestly, I gotten some of the best beauty tips (on products and in general) from them and they are always extremely nice and helpful.

Concetta, the Benefit Beauty consultant at Sephora in Piazza Gae Aulenti in Milan is for sure my favorite… and I am not the only one as most of my colleagues adore her as well. Needless to say, I tried my Brow Bar beauty experience with her last month for the first time and now… she is the only one allowed to put the hands on these eyebrows!  I used to have my brows waxed quite thin, but when I went in for my first consultation she asked me to come back after one month of growth.  I wasn’t excited about having to let myself go barbarian. I arrived at my appointment looking like a little monkey, but she made quick work on taming my beasts. My friend and I were AMAZED of her beautifying powers.  Not only has Concetta always been able to tempt us (The Untemptables) to try new Benefit products (which we always buy!) AND give us the greatest tips on Benefit products AND teach us how to use them at their best… She’s also proven to be a Eyebrow Master!  And now, based on the great success of our new brows, we created a “brow group” at work that even includes our boss!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Benifit Brow 01

The Ladybug Chronicles - Benifit Brow 04

All in all let me say that the Benefit Brow Bar experience has completely changed my makeup routine; not only as something that’s come to focus on my brows, but I now see how these little things have changed my face and facial expression. Because of my brows, my eyes look bigger and brighter, my cheeks more expressive and my hairstyle looks even more “refined rocker”.  I have the feeling that my new brows add a certain “je sais pas quoi” to my style, especially with red lips.

These are the new products that I can’t go anywhere without:

Brow Zings,  the brow kit including wax, powder, brushes and tweezers  for clean, smooth and perfect brows

The Ladybug Chronicles - Benifit Brow 08

Gimme Brows,  a brush-on fiber gel that creates fuller-looking brows

The Ladybug Chronicles - Benifit Brow 09

So I say: try it! It may change your life… or at least just your makeup routine; but for sure it won’t be a meaningless experience!