MILK Does The Ladybug’s Body Good: The Borotalco MILK Test Experience!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Borotalco Spring2015 04

Spring is here! This means summer is on its way and that we need to pay more attention to our body: our shape, our skin and last but least our scent… Yes! I mean it!

How many of you use public transportation every day? And how many of you fear that time of the year when even the unsuspected ones’ bad smell travels with them?

Well, I have a good news for you!

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Just in time for the beginning of “the season,” Borotalco launched a new line of deodorants created for those who want protection, soft and dry skin called Borotalco MILK. It is the first time that our favorite vintage beauty care brand has put hydrating milk in their deodorants with incredible soothing and nourishing properties for an all day soft and dry skin!

The new line comes in four different applications (spray, vaporizer, roll-on and roll-on tube), so I decided (for the purposes of a fair and unbias judgement) to test the spray myself, and give the three others to my friends (two girls and a guy).  We would test them for two weeks.

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Here are the results of my test:

  • S. tried the vaporizer every day for two weeks. She is a very sporty girl and as she goes from work to the gym every day: she told me that she was impressed by the long lasting property. Borotalco guarantees indeed a “48 hours” duration because of the natural micro powder that absorbs the sweat and leaves the skin dry for a longtime, even after a whole spinning workout!
  • B. is the delicate one: she has sensitive skin and she spends most of her day out because of work. Like me, she always has a bottle of deodorant in the bag to use during the day in case of need! She was amazed by the nourishing action in respect of her sensitive skin. She told me that after two weeks her skin was soft, dry and protected. This happens mostly because of the hydrating milk, rich in proteins and lactose, and of the protective active ingredients.
  • G. is the guy… not an easy test right? BUT I was surprised to learn from him something very interesting for guys who work all day in a suit; he told me that he was amazed (and even asked his wife to buy more Borotalco MILK deodorant!) by the “clean job” it did!  What he meant was this: his standard deodorant would leave yellow stains on his shirts, but during this two-week test, he realized that his shirts were clean at the end of the day! Indeed thanks to a new technology that reduces the use of powders, this new line reduces also the white and yellow stains on our clothes!
  • As for me, I was impressed by its long lasting action (especially after eight hours at work and a run or workout after!), and by how soft my skin was: no irritation, no bad smell, but a super hydrated and scented skin!

I love when my tests are successful and sharing my favorite products with my friends and readers was a great bonus.

And you? Have you tried it? Share your comments or do your own tests and let me know!

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