The Ladybug stays warm and cozy

The Ladybug Chronicles Warm and Cozy (2)

As the temperatures get lower it is time to stay warm and cozy in our favorite winter pieces.

Soft and warm scarves and sweaters are on top of my list especially since I live in Milan! I can get out without gloves or hats in winter but I cannot make it without a scarf!

The Ladybug Chronicles Warm and Cozy (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Warm and Cozy (3)

The checked one I am wearing here is from Momonì and it is possibly one of my favorite winter scarves as it is incredibly warm and soft. I wore it on a navy jumper from & Other Stories and denim culottes from Massimo Dutti.

Camel ankle boots are from Carmens and handmade brass earrings are from Metalica Creazioni.

The Ladybug Chronicles Warm and Cozy (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles Warm and Cozy (1)


The Ladybug and the (flower) power of a 70’s inspired dress


There is a joy that only women can understand. This joy is called “finding your favorite dress at a ridiculous price during the sales”!

This is exactly the kind of joy that I felt at the beginning of the winter sales when I stepped into H&M and not only I found the long bomber that I told you about last week but also this beautiful flower dress: only one, my size, 7 euros! Can you understand the joy?

I first saw this adorable 70’s inspired long dress in beautiful autumn colors and with lovely frills on the shoulders on Internet and I decided to look for it in town. At the third H&M that I visited without finding it a lovely salesgirl told me “Listen, you will never find it again. It totally flied off the shelves in a few days”.




I came back home very sad and I started to look for it on Ebay but, as usual when something  is very coveted, the prices went crazy! I gave up my search and I forgot about it until that day: I literally grabbed it and I left the shop with this wonder and my long bomber for 37 euros both…I couldn’t start my winter sales better than that!

To complete the hippy look I wore it with Carmens 70’s inspired camel ankle boots.


The Ladybug stays warm and cozy in this freezing weather


It is too cold these days to take pictures outside! I must confess that I go around covered head to toe with multiple layers and I don’t feel fashionable at all!! I really hate winter when it’s so cold…I’m constantly freezing, I cannot run and I just dress to be warm!

When I read comments and articles on how to stay warm and fashionable in winter I really think that it is not for me…and what about bare legs in winter? I could NEVER EVER do that!! Warm and cozy sweaters are my uniform right now, even at work! I’m a girl from the South after all!



While waiting for the temperature to get higher again I took advantage of my friend’s house (and beautiful cat…he really wanted to be part of it and he was obsessed with my shoes!) to take some pictures while staying warm at home with my cozy green sweater from & Other Stories that I paired it with thrifted camel culottes from Topshop (they were longer but I cut them knee-lenght) and my new ankle boots from Carmens. It is the first time that I try their shoes and I fell in love with them: lovely 70’s shapes, warm colors, incredibly comfortable and fair prices.