The Ladybug Checks Out Beyoncé’s Little Sister with the Big Fashion Sense: Say Her Name… Solange Knowles


Can you go to an artist’s concert not knowing their music, but instead because you love their style?

I can… especially because the concert was free and because the artist was Solange Knowles!

So let me start from the beginning: a few weeks ago Beyoncé came to Milan for a live concert: I’m not a huge fan of hers; I like her, but nothing more. When people ask me about her I reply that I prefer her sister, at least for style. But I wanted to see Beyoncé live because she is a beast and everybody I know who have experienced her shows have enjoyed them very much.



Last week I read in the newspaper about a free fashion event sponsored by Glamour at the Caserma del Pane in Milan, Solange was scheduled to appear as a performer. I decided to go and have a look at her look (she is one of my favorite upcoming style icons!). I also remembered that a few months ago KNAGUI wrote a very nice post about enjoying Solange in concert in Dallas and he posted a few pictures of the show, but he didn’t mention the lovely way she dressed for the show (…men!!).

It wasn’t a “proper concert.” She sang for less than an hour, but her Marni dress was worth the trip!! To be honest, I enjoyed her music too. KNAGUI told me that her ’80s sound was something that I would have enjoyed and he was right. I could hear that “Prince influence” which I liked a lot, and her voice was definitely interesting.



Having her sing at a free fashion event meant that the audience was what I call, “the fashionable Milan”…a crowd of fashion bloggers, PRs, editors, models, addicts and what I call fashion wanna-bees!! (I left the event right after her concert indeed!)

Oh… and here’s a lovely coincidence: being a print addict at the show of the “Queen of Prints,” I was wearing a vintage printed skirt (bought in lovely vintage shop “Live in Vintage” in Milan) from the late ’60s!

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