The Ladybug’s outift from the Corporate Office to the Summer Festival

The Ladybug Chronicles Ben Harper (3)

This was my third Ben Harper’s concert: the first one was in France, the second one in Naples and the third one was the end of last month in Milan. It was during the so-called Milano Summer Festival at the Assago Arena and he was supported by his amazing band, The Innocent Criminals.

I’m not going to tell you how much I loved the concert (especially the acoustic part) and how magical this guy’s voice and guitar sound at the point that after three concerts I can’t get enough of his music (actually I just did tell you!) but I’m going to discuss here the outfit problems that you may face if you are going from a day in the office to a night at the festival with no stops at home!

First problem: shoes! If you prefer (like I do) heels during the day at work you may find it really uncomfortable to bring them with you to a summer festival where you need to walk and stand a lot and try to be as much comfortable as possible. That’s why I left my heels in the office and wore this pair of black pointy flats by Lolita Milano. Of course I lost a few centimeters (maybe more than a few!) but my feet were very happy and they thanked me for that! A pair of sneakers are perfect too (I used them for the D’Angelo concert at the Estathé Market Sound Festival a few weeks earlier).

The Ladybug Chronicles Ben Harper (1)

The Ladybug Chronicles Ben Harper (5)

Second problem: how to dress! If we would love to wear denim shorts and slouchy shirts just to feel a bit like at Coachella Festival, we better not leave the office dressed that way! A simple dress is always the answer: easy to accessorize and to wear, a simple black dress is always the right choice. I went for this black tunic dress by Cos and I love how it is versatile based on the accessories. I must confess that it looks completely different with heeled shoes but it is still cute with flats (maybe if I was taller…anyway…).

Third problem: the bag! If you have to spend the whole day around you need a proper spacious bag to contain all your stuff, including the crucial anti-mosquitoes spray if you are going to a summer festival – or any other open space – in Milan, make up, water, shoes (if you bring them with you), mobile, charger and so on. In my case it could only be my Miu Miu bag!

Fourth problem (only for vintage lovers): how to add our usual vintage touch! This is quite easy: turbans, headscarves, retro frames or jewelry, whatever we feel can make us feel like we have our vintage piece with us! I decided to wear a family vintage treasure: my grandma’s Indian vintage silver necklace, a statement piece that I wear pretty much with everything!

Once all these female problems are solved, you can just sit down, sip a beer and enjoy your amazing concert!

The Ladybug Chronicles Ben Harper (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Ben Harper (4)

The Ladybug goes “Untitled” (How does it feel…)

D'Angelo (7)

Year 2000. I was still a student at University. One afternoon, during a break from preparing an exam, I decided to make a cup of tea. Kettle on, television on (on MTV, of course!)…a new music video launches: Untitled (How does it feel) by D’Angelo. I remember that I needed a chair and started staring at the screen with some pleasure and desire during the whole song. I think that I will never forget that day for the rest of my life. It was the day I decided that D’Angelo was the hottest man alive on earth and I haven’t changed my mind in the last 15 years, although he became almost unrecognizable for a while!

D'Angelo (1)

D'Angelo (5)

D'Angelo (6)

Since then I had the urgent need to see him in concert somewhere (which failed to happen a few years ago in London) but I had to wait until a few weeks ago, when he performed in Milan at the Estathé Market Sound Festival. It was one of the hottest days of the year but nothing could stop me from being there! The concert was great, even if a bit short, and his voice really incredible! Let me say that the best moment of the show was the end, when he performed a long version (almost 15 minutes) of Untitled causing fainting, shivering and for sure greatest pleasure!

D'Angelo (4)

D'Angelo (8)

D'Angelo (9)

I wore a black dress by COS, Nike 4 & Other Stories white sneakers, vintage red quilted bag by Frendo Vintage and a Marc by Marc Jacobs cherry necklace-watch.

D'Angelo (2)

D'Angelo (3)

D'Angelo (10)