Soul Sunday with KNAGUI: Vintage is the New Black

KNAGUI-Fossil2C’mere; let me whisper three little words in your ear…Black – Is – Beautiful.
And this is exactly what I’ve come to learn about vintage.

If you’ve ever taken a look at my bio here on TLC, you’d know that I dug “vintage” long before the Ladybug taught me what it was.  The craftsmanship, love, attention to detail and quality of materials is undeniable.  It’s no wonder how much accessorizing with or wearing a vintage piece enhances your look- or how hard our heads turn when we see a classic/antique car on the street or how far an emotional trip your soul takes when you hear a heartfelt old school record.

KNAGUI-UrbanFox (vintage)

Vintage makes you smile and want more because, in this financial climate, it’s affordable (for the most part) and gives you an opportunity to be a bit more expressive than the average Joe/Joanne.  It’s like they say, “the Blacker the Berry, the Sweeter the Juice.”  At least that’s what the smart designers, marketers and retailers are hoping you understand.

Everywhere you look these days, you’re seeing more and more vintage and vintage inspired things- on the racks, on the road, in music, magazines and even in advertising. I was in a bottom of the barrel big box store, Wal-Mart, not too long ago and even they had gotten into the “vintage game,” advertising frames in their optical department.


Hints of this “trend” are everywhere… all over the world, and I’ll tell you why: because “Black Don’t Crack!!!”  There’s something to say about things that lasts for years, takes a break and comes back again- relevant, powerful, impressive and engaging just as it had when it was introduced.


Think of what’s trending in fashion… color blocking, natural materials… bangs… all of these things are taking us to the memories of bygone eras.  Just go to the cinema or turn on the television and you’ll see what I mean.


When I first noticed this production of remaking old movies and TV series, it really irritated me because I thought creativity and imagination had gone out the window, but then I realized what was going on.  The industry isn’t being unimaginative (half cocked belief), they are only trying to evoke nostalgia and reignite the feeling of strength and security from a rich and fruitful past.


Remake TV like Hawaii Five-O and Dallas (which I can still make audiences chuckle with a single phrase from the stage) or retro-inspired shows like the short lived Pan-Am, Playboy Club or sensational Mad Men and all of the sequels and prequels based on highly successful films are all examples of how we’re not only being given classic escape routes, but are also being lead to places that make us feel better by reminding as where we’ve been and give hope for where we’re headed.


Vintage can be life changing, inspiring, connecting, enlightening… I’m all about it these days.  I see it everywhere and in everything without even looking for it.  So I challenge you… introduce someone you know to this lifestyle because vintage is the new black – and you know what they say about black…
“Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back!”


Happy Black History Month

See you “next Sunday.”