The Ladybug and the rainy (but colored) island life


I don’t know what happened this year but since I arrived in Messina (my hometown in Sicily) mid-August, the weather started acting funny: not a single day with sunny weather but always cloudy and very changeable. One hour of rain, two hours of sun and so on for two whole 2 weeks.

We literally chased the sun but I couldn’t get more than two/three hours per day!

The problem is that when it rains and it is August the life on an island is pretty boring: I read a lot, worked on the blog (I made some changes, did you notice?) and on the online shop. I basically prepared my comeback to Milan and planned all the activities for September/October (not fun at all!).



One of these rainy days I was out and about with my sister (ok we went for a Sicilian “granita”!) we passed by this murals and she told me that it was perfect for a shooting as I looked like in the Caribbean! She was right, it was fun and so, here I am, in Sicily but looking like the Caribbean!

I wore my new orange wax skirt handmade by Heka Couture with an African print fabric that I bought in Senegal with my grey tee from Damsels in Distress and a pair of Clarks black gladiator sandals (one of the comfiest pair of shoes ever!).

Afro inspired earrings are from Mango while the Ghanaian mini bolga bag was a great find from Sankofa Beads and Baskets on Etsy.




The Ladybug and the Sicilian shade of blue

The Ladybug Chronicles Plaid Skirt (2).JPG

Blue: the color of my beautiful Sicily.

I loved this street art at a tram stop along the sea in my hometown Messina, because it just reminded me of the color of my native sea.

I wore this almost total vintage outfit during my winter holidays, it was a warm and sunny day for December and I was just enjoying a long walk with my sister when we stopped to take some pictures.

I was wearing my new vintage culottes from Maison Retrò, an online shop from the lovely Federica who mostly sells on social networks. It was the first time that I bought something that I just saw on Facebook but thanks to Federica it was a lovely experience and the plaid culottes were just perfect!

The Ladybug Chronicles Plaid Skirt (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Plaid Skirt (6)

The Ladybug Chronicles Plaid Skirt (5)

I paired it with a Benetton jumper and another vintage find from Damsels in Distress: these adorable pair of shoes that looked like a pair that my granny used to wear when I was a kid.

The beautiful knotted turban, handmade with vintage lace and golden trims, is from Madame Ilary, golden loops earrings are a vintage find from Sugar Mama Vintage and the beautiful Senegalese orange necklace comes from the lovely Mara of Seyeyaram that I met during the Popcorn Garage Market: we share the same love and passion for Senegal that’s why we recognized each other in the middle of a crowded market!

The Ladybug Chronicles Plaid Skirt (1)

The Ladybug Chronicles Plaid Skirt (4)

The Ladybug Does Charity with a Cherry on Top: Damsels in Distress at the Vintage Bakery and the ABR Market

Ladybug Chronicles - 4804

Some weekends, rare they may be, I’m really in the mood to wake up (quite) early in the morning and go out. Though I must admit, the motivation is to visit events that I don’t want to miss!

A couple Saturdays ago, I was indeed very active in the morning as a divine event was going to happen in a lovely place (I mean isn’t every occasion perfect when it involves a tasty cupcake from the Vintage Bakery?!).

Ladybug Chronicles - 4813

Ladybug Chronicles -4789

Ladybug Chronicles -4786

My friends from the Vintage Bakery, one of my favorite venues in town to sip great tea with yummy handmade American cakes and pastries, were hosting a temporary shop from Anita and Elsa, aka Damsels in Distress, a pop-up vintage store that will be online soon and possibly also be a physical presence in town! You can like their FB page, Damsels in Distress, to know which events they will attend and where you can buy their great stuff.

Ladybug Chronicles - 4798

Ladybug Chronicles - 4807

Ladybug Chronicles - 4790

It was nice to meet them and it was great to have my favorite organic tea with my adored red velvet cupcake!

Ladybug Chronicles - 4795

Ladybug Chronicles - 4794

In the afternoon, I headed to a very special secret market… The ABR Market is a charity event, unfortunately happening only once a year, where you can find vintage and second hand, mostly designer, clothing and accessories for ridiculous prices! The aim of the event is to help kids who leave school early, but it is also a great occasion for us to make charity from our little bargains!

I bought these two pair of boots for 20 euros each: a pair of black Chelsea boots (almost new) and a pair of never worn navy Moon Boots for the snowy days! I was so excited with my new finds that I couldn’t believe my own eyes! This is how a perfect Saturday sounds to me!

Ladybug Chronicles - 4877