The Ladybug’s first “marketing” experience: East Market Milano with Madame Ilary

The Ladybug Chronicles East Market Milano (1)

In the last two years I have been asked tons of times why I didn’t start selling “for real” instead of only selling my vintage and thrifted goods online. I have been asked if I wanted to open a shop or if I thought of selling during vintage markets and events. My answer is yes! I still dream of having a vintage shop or of having enough space in my house to keep all my vintage and thrifted collection in a storage room and to bring it around during the weekends and selling it at funny markets all around Italy.

Still, as I’m not working on it for the next future, I am keeping open my Ebay shop (btw feel free to have a look at it whenever you want – you can find the direct link in the Contact page) and I am enjoying the online selling which allows you sometimes to start new virtual friendships all over the world!

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At the same time, when my friend Ilaria from Madame Ilary asked me to share a stall with her at the East Market in Milan I couldn’t say no, for many different reason: first of all it was a “first” for both and I really wanted to make this experience with her as we often talked about that; it was a way to test our business and see how it worked “in the street”; secondly the place was really perfect: the area of Lambrate where the market takes place is vibrant and full of life lately and I thought it was perfect for our “launch”; last but not least, the East Market is for sure one of my favorite markets in Milan: full of interesting people, street food, flower market and a beautiful area outside to eat, drink and chat.

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The Ladybug Chronicles East Market Milano (2)

I wasn’t wrong as we enjoyed the experience pretty much and we had a lot of fun even if we felt like the beginners of the market as most of stallers were way more experienced than us! Still it was the occasion to meet new people, to find old friends (like my beloved Francesca from Metalica who had a stall not far from us!) and to sell some vintage accessories and the wonderful handmade turbans made by Ilaria. The atmosphere was really interesting, a lot of people of different age, interests and style, a kind of potpourri that I appreciated a lot, definitely a great experience!

This means that you better watch out as you will probably see me around again in a market near you…in the meanwhile keep having a look at my Ebay shop!

I wore Dixie black culottes, Topshop white shirt, vintage bag by Frendo Vintage, New Balance sneakers, Nepalese silver necklace and handmade African turban by Madame Ilary.

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Soul Sunday with KNAGUI: Blow My Horn, a Quest to Collect the Music of Shirley Horn

SSwK - Shirley Horn 07I remember the day I was introduced to, in my opinion, the greatest spirit in the world of Jazz Music.  The song was one I’d heard many times over, and at that time, you could hear Chaka Kahn’s voice from the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack trumpeting on any given night from someone’s playlist in the dorm-room to cover their satisfying moans.  But nothing compared to the striking of the opening chord and delicate vocal space used to introduced “My Funny Valentine” like this. Who would dare to carefully construct an arrangement using the first phrases of the bridge to invite you into the only other seat of her auditory love boat… Shirley Horn, that’s who.

SSwK - Shirley Horn 05After my friend and amazing vocalist in her own right, Andrea Wallace, introduced me to Ms. Horn, I’ve spent nearly every day with her.  I purchased my own copy of “I Remember Miles” and then many, many more CDs as I drifted from one CD Warehouse to another.  I devoured her music.  Some times I binge, other times I relish each bite, but every time I’m be moved.  Just the other day I was listening and I wanted desperately to be found on a beach… and I HATE the sand!

SSwK - Shirley Horn 03Wiki has a good bio and chronology of her life and her music.  And last year I found a great documentary (actually promo for the Here’s To Life album) on YouTube, but I think it’s been taken down because I can’t find it.  But alas, I came across this:

Early last year I mentioned to The Ladybug that I wanted to start collecting the vinyl recordings of this monumental musical figure in my life.  You won’t believe the overflow of joy I felt when I received this birthday gift from her months later.  And indeed, this gift was the first of my collection.

SSwK - Shirley Horn 01I’ve been an adventure trying to bring Ms. Horn home.  It’s been a slow and calculating process, but she’s coming.

SSwK - Shirley Horn 04My most beloved LP is the one Boss Lady got me, but my most precious acquisition so far is this mono LP of her first recording, Ember and Ashes.  I LOVE mono mixes!!! Think of standing in the middle of a long street, see what’s close and how small things become as they flow into the distance, this is how your ears hear a great mono mix.  The craftsmanship of a linear perspective mix is something that’s lost in this stereophonic “I got the software, so now I have a studio in my house” era.

SSwK - Shirley Horn 06I’ve lost a few albums on eBay, but I’m not discouraged.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will this collection.

I’ve put together a playlist on 8-Tracks to introduce you to my true musical love.  Be careful very when you listen to “The Island.”

See you “next” Sunday.

The Ladybug’s Vintage Vacation: From Russia with Love – Day #2, Saint Petersburg

The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 03

My second day in Saint Petersburg was full of walking and visiting around, this why I went for another comfortable outfit for the top of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral to admire a wonderful view of the whole town; from there I walked to one of the most beautiful churches that I’ve ever visited in my life, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood: I was astonished standing in front of such a wonderful church. Very similar to the Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, but somehow more impressive, it took my breath away.  It is very small inside, but as beautiful as it outside.

The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 01

I had a lovely lunch at the Singer Café, in the amazing Singer building (yes, the sewing machines company) that is now a nice book shop and a very good café with view of the canals and the Kazan Cathedral.

The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 02

I spent the afternoon looking for one of the most interesting vintage shops in town, Off. I found it in my Lonely Planet guide, but when I went to the place where it was supposed to be- I found out that it moved a bit out of town. So I decided to challenge the subway (mostly written in Cyrillic) and the fact that most of people don’t speak English (let alone Italian, French or Spanish) to find my shop. I finally found it in a sort of small shopping center and it was nice to see that it looked like a very European shop… I’d say the kind of Scandinavian vintage shop, full of lovely things mostly coming from Europe.  Still I managed to buy a folk pouch and two Russian pins for my new DIY!

The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 05

The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 10

The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 09

I wore my Woolrich parka, with Stefanel camel jumper and American Apparel long skirt. I added my lovely ASOS animal print earmuffs and of course my UGG boots and Max & Co leather satchel.

The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 04

That same night I went to what I can call one of my most beautiful experiences in Russia: I went to see the ballet (Carmen) at the Mariinsky theatre.  Believe me, it was such an experience! Not only because the theatre is beautiful and this is THE ballet, but also because I realized that for people in town it’s much like going to watch a football match for us. They are passionate and involved, but they are also very critical and are real experts on the subject!  It was one of the most exciting and interesting experiences of my life!

The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 06

My evening wear was a vintage ’80s dress with batwing sleeves, velvet inserts and sequins from Humana Vintage, my Rag & Bone black ankle boots and again my Max & Co bag. I added a “Russian touch” on my hair wearing this lovely braid that I bought on Ebay just before leaving!

The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 08

The Ladybug Chronicles-Russia 07

The Ladybug, Some Good Old Friends, The Navigli and the Beautiful Antiques’ Market

The Ladybug Chronicles-5069

I can’t remember the last time I went for a walk along the canals of the Navigli and enjoyed the festive atmosphere of one of the most beautiful Antiques’ market that I’ve ever visited. The last time may very well have been a year ago, when I wrote this post about my great finds at the Market.

Strange that it’s been so long since this market takes place every last Sunday of the month and I truly adore it!

The Ladybug Chronicles-5073

The Ladybug Chronicles-5068

So when my friend Silvia visited from Switzerland and asked me to go, I was very happy to organize a few hours on the Navigli. While there we had lunch with our friend Valentina (the amazing photographer of these pictures), and enjoyed the promenade among vintage and antiques’ stallers.

I didn’t buy anything (ok, maybe some vintage books for few euros at Il Libraccio), but I really enjoyed the day: simple things, good lunch, good friends, nice weather (almost a miracle during this season in Milan).

The Ladybug Chronicles-5065

I opted for a relaxed warm outfit: wearing a simple H&M denim dress (and golden lips necklace) and a warm brown fur aviator coat jacket by Fornarina.

I added my vintage touch by wearing my vintage “Texan” boots (a memory from my trip in NYC – I bought them at A Little Wicked on Houston Street) and a vintage handbag from a German vintage seller on Ebay!

[Photo Credit: Valentina Micheli]

The Ladybug Chronicles-5066

The Ladybug Says, “Farewell My Summer Love” in Cinque Terre (Liguria)


When I came back from Corsica, I couldn’t resign to the city life and the upcoming cold season… so; I offered myself an opportunity to squeeze the last bit of summer sun near the famous and wonderful area of Cinque Terre in Liguria during the last weekend of September.

We found a very small and difficult to access beach, with wonderful transparent water, just a few neighbors and great place for snorkeling (an activity I was longing to experience again from my visit to Corsica that I have yet to stop thinking about!).

I wasn’t aware of this part of Liguria, but its being such a rough and incredible place for underwater nature lovers made me add it to one of my favorite places in Italy… oh, did I mention the food??!



For the day, I wore a vintage blue Mexican blouse found on Ebay and a pair of vintage denim shorts bought at Topshop vintage corner.



For my night out, I went for my new vintage Laura Ashley dress: it’s a beautiful striped red and white dress with a knotted white collar that I bought from my new friends Fermata d’Autobus in Senigallia during the Summer Jamboree… isn’t it amazing? One of my favorite finds ever! I added a vintage red quilted bag from Frendo Vintage in Naples, a pair of black and white striped wedges from Zara and a lovely silver and red cuff (and ring) that I bought in Corsica.


The Ladybug Recalls the Scent of a Southern Italian Spring

I completely forgot to post this lovely photos from last spring… I know that we probably won’t see this warm sunny light for some months, but it’s nice to see it… here, isn’t it?

These were taken in Southern Italy on the Sorrento coast, where I lived, a few weeks before moving to Milan.

I’m wearing an adorable vintage secretary dress from L Train Vintage in New York, a pair of lace-up peep toe ankle boots from Marc Ellis NYC – now on sale on my Ebay shop – and a vintage red clutch that I bought many years ago in London.

[Photo Credit: KNAGUI]

The Ladybug’s Favorite Wedges Can Set an Outfit on Serpentine Fire!

I decided to take a break from sharing my NY experience because I want to post one of my latest outfits.

I wrapped this ensemble around the shoes: a wonderful pair of Terry de Havilland wedges! I hadn’t worn these beauties yet this year and when I saw them in my wardrobe- I really wanted to put them on and let them have a nice tour around my new surroundings!

Since I first saw them on Kate Moss’ and Sienna Miller’s feet a few years ago, I literally fell in love with them: I wanted the exact same pewter python shoes! But they were very expensive for my pocket and really hard to find online. I saw them on ASOS, but while I was waiting for them to go on sale (I was waiting for them to hit 50% off), they went out of stock!

It took years to find this exact same model, my size on Ebay and for 200 Gbp and practically new! Perseverance is the key!!!

I wore them with a ZARA blue printed trousers and this adorable grey vintage shirt from Stella Dallas in Brooklyn! The ruched shirt is one of my favorite finds in NY (I thought I was taking a break from talking about NY…): I imagined some more classy outfits with it, but this time I just wanted to make it fun and easy by matching it with the “pajama” pants! Rings: Eye ring – Crazy Pig Designs London; Silver ring: Vintage

photo credit: KNAGUI