The Ladybug’s Sicilian Arabesque

The Ladybug Chronicles Arabesque (1)

Sicily, again.

I called this set Sicilian Arabesque as one of the things that I still love from my homeland is the Arab influence on everything: on food, on our physical traits, on architecture, on nature, on language…their influence is everywhere.

When I saw this building it made me think of this, although it is probably not an original Arab building, but I just stopped the car and asked my sister to take a few pictures of me!

We were on the way back from the beach so I was wearing a typical beach outfit (but I added lipstick, just for the pictures!!).

The Ladybug Chronicles Arabesque (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Arabesque (5)

I wore a handmade Heka Couture harem pants (just to stay on topic!) made with African wax fabric and a Ink your travel tee (I love this new brand that makes travel themed clothes and accessories for globetrotters!).

Round Moroccan straw bag (on topic again!) is from Etsy, Birkenstock sandals and Mango African inspired necklace.

The Ladybug Chronicles Arabesque (2)

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The Ladybug’s summer favorite: wax bomber jacket and mules!

The Ladybug Chronicles Wax Bomber (2)

This is one of my favorite outfits ever! It is not the outfit itself but this jacket is just one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe!

It took so long before I could get my hands on it, maybe this is another reason why I love it so much…I bought it on Etsy from a shop called Protect Talibés: all the products are handmade with African wax in Senegal and when I saw this bomber jacket with the fans I just died! I bought it immediately but I received it months later due to the fact that the postal service was incredibly slow and on top of that it was made for me which took a couple of weeks before sending it.

The Ladybug Chronicles Wax Bomber (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Wax Bomber (4)

When it arrived I was all excited: beautiful fit and wonderful fabric, I just couldn’t wait to wear it, even if in Milan there were more than 30 degrees! Fortunately in Munich it was fresh enough to wear it in July so, here I am, just after a long workday (my tired face says it all!!) but just before a good dinner in Munchner Freiheit and of course a good Bavarian beer!

I wore this amazing piece with black tee from Asos and black culottes from Dixie. I added my favorite black mules of this summer from & Other Stories and my African handmade necklace.

The Ladybug Chronicles Wax Bomber (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Wax Bomber (1)