The Ladybug has a new vintage 80s shirt

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In my last post I showed you one of my new 80s vintage shirts that I bought from Maison Retro on Depop, today I show you the second one (there are a few more!).  I met Federica for the first time on Facebook and I still remember that my first purchase from her was a wool vintage plaid culottes that I adore. She was such a nice and helpful seller and I loved the skirt so much that I kept buying from her and I am now quite obsessed with her vintage pieces. Her style is strongly in line with mine and almost every new vintage piece on her shop is in my wish list!

When I bought my mustard shirt I also got this 80s purple long shirt, with a beautiful collar (sort of Korean one) and a stunning print. It is so 80s and I loved the shape so much that I couldn’t hide it and tuck it into a bottom, so I decided to wear it free and in all its beauty!

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To leave the attention on it I just paired it with a pair of jeans from Mango (from an old collection) and my thrifted Golden Goose ankle Texan boots.

As every time that I wear a 80s piece I always add a pair of earrings of the same era (I love the big statement earrings of that decade!): this time I went for this big vintage golden clip hoop earrings that I bought many years ago from a vintage seller at the” Valeggio Veste il Vintage” event, after a long search of a pair exactly like these!

Rings: Indian vintage, Berber vintage and brass (cowrie + fertility doll) from Afrohemien. 

Click here for a similar women pant!

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The Ladybug and the story of a pair of thrifted boots (and vintage brooch, and thrifted blazer…)

The Ladybug Chronicles Golden Goose (1)

That day when I was getting ready for work I realized that I was wearing a lot of things with a long story to tell…my thrifted Texan boots, my vintage brooch or my thrifted navy blazer.

Let’s start from the thrifted boots:  I have a huge passion for Texan boots but I have never found a pair that stole my heart. I bought a few vintage pieces in time but I re-sold all of them for different reasons and it seemed almost impossible to find my perfect pair until I saw a wonderful pair on Red Poppy Vintage Instagram account. They were her own and not for sale but I asked about them and she was so kind to give me all the details: unfortunately they were from an old Golden Goose collection and it was almost impossible to find them online or anywhere else. I searched and searched for months but nothing. I was losing hope when one day I saw them used on sale on Ebay: perfect conditions, my size and one tenth of the original price! I couldn’t believe it! At the end of the auction I was the only bidder and I won the item BUT the seller decided that she didn’t want to sell them anymore! I just wanted to cry!! I was so angry and disappointed but I decided to restart my search. Almost one month later the seller contacted me to tell me that finally she decided to sell them and she was offering them to me first at the same price that I won the auction one month earlier. No need to say that I accepted her offer immediately! And so here they are, this fantastic pair of thrifted Golden Goose Texan boots, in amazing vintage leather. Super comfortable and perfect with everything, I am super happy every time that I wear them, especially if I think of how hard it was to put my hands on them! Or should I say to put my feet into them!!!

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The Ladybug Chronicles Golden Goose (2)

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The vintage brooch: this is a piece that vintage jewelry lovers know very well; the Elzac iconic brooch in brass and green ceramic is very famous although it is also very hard to find. When I first saw it online (on Ebay) I just fell in love with it and I asked my Blackamoor/Vintage jewelry provider Valentina from Déjà Vu Vintage if she could find it for me. She told me that it was a rare piece and that I’d better buy that one online if I wanted it. The problem was: it was already sold! Long months of Internet search and I finally found another one on Etsy: in mint conditions (the lady got it from an old stock of a jewelry seller so it was immaculate!) and for a very good price, it was finally mine! I prayed that it wouldn’t break during its long travel to Italy from the States and it finally arrived safe to my lovable hands!

The thrifted navy blazer: I was in NYC, April 2012, when I met the adorable Sammy Davis who told me one of the best kept thrifter secrets of this town. A Salvation Army big shop where I would have found so many bargains that I couldn’t even imagine. She was so right: three floors of clothing, homeware, books and accessories, I just couldn’t believe it. I think that I made most of my life bargains there! Among them this lovely double-breasted navy blazer, marine style with golden buttons that I paid only 5 dollars and that is still today one of my favorite vintage blazers ever. I wear it with everything and it is just the perfect shape and style for me!

I am also wearing Mango cropped jeans, & Other Stories floral silk shirt and pink golden hoops from Genny Pi.

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