The Ladybug kno-kno-knocking on a vintage door…

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Door (1)

I’ve been passing by this door probably a million times in my life but when I really put my eyes on it last summer I fell in love with it!

The frame felt so vintage that I wanted some pictures there even if I wasn’t wearing anything vintage!

But I was wearing a piece that is very important to me: a typical Senegalese skirt that was offered to me by a friend of mine in Dakar before leaving her amazing country. I received so many fashion pieces there and I cherish them as if they were the most precious ones, and in some way they are as they are.

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Door (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Door (2)

I paired my beautiful skirt with a navy tee from Cos and navy Swedish Hasbeens sandals; but I also added another African touch, another handmade piece with wax fabric, but that I bought in Milan a few years ago (at the “Artigiano in Fiera” craft fair) : a pair of giant statement earrings!

Moroccan straw bag from Maluan Maroquinerie on Etsy.

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Door (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Door (3)


The Ladybug and the importance of knowing Ulysses!

The Ladybug Chronicles Sicilian Door (6)

This was one of the funniest photo sessions ever!

I like when we take pictures and people just stare at you trying to understand why you are such a poser, sometimes people just ask or make comments (usually nice ones!) and it is lovely to take some time to talk to them and share opinions on the backdrop or best pose; but this time we laughed as mad when we realized what was happening!

My sister and I were in Messina, my hometown, and I liked that door so much that I wanted to take my pictures there: the area is very popular during summer because it is quite crowded of people going to the beach but basically it is an old fishermenarea with a lot of small houses just near the sea where people still enjoy playing cards or having a chat sitting outside their houses.

The Ladybug Chronicles Sicilian Door (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Sicilian Door (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Sicilian Door (2)

At some point during the shooting we realized that many people were almost surrounding us basically trying to understand who I was (maybe a famous TV starlet!?). My sister was a bit worried, like “Why are they all staring at us?” so I decided to reassure everyone saying that I was nobody (like Ulysses!) , just a little poser!

This seemed to calm everybody down but when we left we started laughing as hell!

I was wearing my beautiful handmade African wax top by Heka Couture and a vintage inspired jeans that I got from Zara during the summer sales. The striped turban is from Madame Ilary.

Moroccan round straw bag from Maluan Maroquinerie on Etsy, vintage loops and Birkenstock sandals, as usual!

The Ladybug Chronicles Sicilian Door (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles Sicilian Door (1)

The Ladybug’s tribute to Carmen Miranda

The Ladybug Chronicles Carmen Miranda (3)

My love and admiration for Carmen Miranda is something known. She is definitely one of my favorite icons from the past and a sort of inspiration for my daily outfits.

Her wonderful turbans and choice of bold colors and statement jewelry pieces gives me such a joy that I can feel when I wear my colored turbans and clothes and my favorite statement jewels!

My outfit today is a tribute to my adored Carmen Miranda.

The Ladybug Chronicles Carmen Miranda (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles Carmen Miranda (6)

The Ladybug Chronicles Carmen Miranda (2)

In my beautiful Sicily I was wearing a handmade African print playsuit with coordinated bow turban by Madame Ilary.

I added vintage 80s loop earrings from a vintage market and thrifted Topshop afro inspired sandals with my Moroccan round straw bag from Maluan Maroquinerie on Etsy.

The Ladybug Chronicles Carmen Miranda (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Carmen Miranda (1)


The Ladybug’s retro fun at Archivio Vintage


Christmas is coming and the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift has already started: this is the time of the year when I start looking for markets, fairs and events to find something original possibly handmade to offer to my friends and family. I must say that Milan is the perfect city for that: during the weekends you can find all sort of event but I am always surprised when I find something new that I didn’t know about.

It is the case of Archivio Vintage at Arkivio Showroom: my friend Ilaria, who is also a seller at this kind of events always has a good eye to find the greatest ones. This is one of the reasons why I went to see her exposing at this event and once again she wasn’t wrong! I was so happy about my find that I wanted to share it with you!




Archivio Vintage was born as a seller of handmade pouches with vintage and modern fabrics. Now you can find there beautiful handmade bags and clogs and original vintage pieces (especially bags) along with pieces like French Bonne Maison socks (my favorite ones!). Susan, the creator of Archivio Vintage, also organizes lovely events at the Arkivio Showroom, putting together some of the best handcrafters: clothes, shoes, jewels and accessories all completely handmade! It is the perfect place to support local business and handcrafters while getting very rare pieces for yourself and your loved ones!



Of course it was also the occasion to see live Heka Couture 2016-2017 winter collection, one of the best so far: velvet pieces and turbans, big bows and volumes…we couldn’t help trying our favorite pieces like the navy velvet jumpsuit (my favorite piece) or the animal print top and skirt with matching suspenders; the big 50’s circle skirt and of course, the greatest turbans!

No need to say we didn’t leave with empty hands!  

If you want to know more about Archivio Vintage events you can follow them on Facebook (archiviovintage) or on their website




The Ladybug’s Vintage tour of Dublin

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Dublin (6)

Dublin is a city full of vintage: beautiful Georgian buildings with colored doors, Victorian pubs full of history like the Palace Bar or The Long Hall, famous writers, old lighthouses on the cliffs. You can breathe vintage everywhere in Dublin, and the city is full of vintage and antiques shops, local vintage and handmade markets to check out if you are around.

First of all there is a regular Flea Market in Dublin that takes place on the last Sunday of every month in The Co-op on Newmarket square but I couldn’t visit it as it didn’t fit my dates. I spoke with some local vintage lovers who told me that it is easy to find cool bargains there and that it is worth a visit. If you love vintage also check the Pure Vintage Fair to know their dates because I’ve been told great things about this event. Don’t forget also to check Smithfield Market Fair with regular events in Dublin: I had the chance to visit their Valentines’ Market Fair and I loved it! It was well packed but the stalls (mostly vintage and handmade) were lovely and I couldn’t resist buying a few items.

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Dublin (7)

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Dublin (3)

When in Smithfield Square don’t forget to head to Dublin Vintage Factory, one of the most famous vintage shops in Dublin. It is quite small but I am sure that you will find your bargain like I did: a black velvet playsuit for ten euros during their vintage kilo sale.

Speaking of great vintage shops one of my favorites was Harlequin in Castle Market: two floors of great vintage clothing and accessories full of bargains! This is exactly the kind of shop that I love: full of things everywhere and with this sweet atmosphere that only true vintage shops can have…definitely a must visit (consider spending some time in there!).

A few steps away, in Drury Street, you can find Om Diva, a lovely colorful shop with vintage clothing mixed with designer, accessories and quirky jewellery. I had the chance to get their 10 euro-dress-offer and I got a lovely vintage dotted dress (but I would have bought at least 5 if only they fitted!!).

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Dublin (8)

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Dublin (4)

Other interesting addresses: Tola Vintage in Upper Fownes, one of the most interesting areas in Dublin (don’t forget to check online their kilo sales, maybe you get the chance to find them when you are there – I didn’t unfortunately!); Nine Crows in Lower Ormond Quay one of the quirkiest vintage spaces around!

If you are in Dublin during the weekend, head to a small pop-up store called A store is born, opening only on Saturdays, that is worth a visit for its wonderful selection of night velvet or sequined gowns and silk kimonos.

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Dublin (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Dublin (1)

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Dublin (9)

Other shops that I couldn’t visit but strongly recommended from local vintage lovers: Lucy’s Lounge, Jenny Vander (I saw the window in Drury Street and it looked amazing!), Tahiti Vintage and The Third Policeman.

A few last tips: if you love retro inspired pieces for modern pinups just have a look at Retroshop Dublin in George’s Street Arcade; thrift lovers, you can’t miss Siopaella in Crow Street and Temple Lane…the best designer at fair prices! For charity shop lovers, you will always find a bargain at Oxfam in Lower George Street (or Oxfam Books in Parliament Street).

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Dublin (5)


The Ladybug and her hat addiction at Studio Zeta (with Heka Couture)

The Ladybug Chronicles Studio Zeta Heka Couture (7)

One of the many things that I love about Milan are the little markets that you can find almost every weekend: from food to flowers, to clothes and accessories, especially the vintage and handmade markets. A few weeks ago I was invited to the Studio Zeta showroom event, not really a market but a sort of exhibition of creatives in this beautiful fashion showroom that every now and then opens its doors to different kind of crafters and designers for a weekend.

The location is lovely and the selection of sellers and exposers is always accurate: it is definitely a place to spend a Saturday afternoon with your girlfriends knowing that you will for sure buy something!

The Ladybug Chronicles Studio Zeta Heka Couture (1)

The Ladybug Chronicles Studio Zeta Heka Couture (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles Studio Zeta Heka Couture (3)

I was invited by Gemma and Ilaria, founders of Heka Couture, as it was their first time there, exposing their new collection of hats, turbans and many other beautiful things: coats, jackets, skirts, dresses, trousers, culottes, jabots, collars, everything absolutely handcrafted and with incredible choice of patterns and materials. I was madly in love with their new turbans, hats and headbands (I bought one, of course, but I could have done worse!) and it was hard to leave all those pieces there because most of them were incredibly awesome! The 30’s inspired berets or the golden turban, the maxi bow collar or the striped turban with bow were among my favorite pieces. I also loved the golden waistcoat and skirt, the fancy hooded coat and a beautiful dress that made me think of Erdem or the old Matthew Williamson for the wonderful sketched pattern.

The Ladybug Chronicles Studio Zeta Heka Couture (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Studio Zeta Heka Couture (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Studio Zeta Heka Couture (6)

But Studio Zeta event was also about vintage: my friend Laura from Italian Vintage Suite was there with her beautiful vintage pieces and a special corner was dedicated to get free vintage hairstyling. Plus, lot of jewels and fashion designers, live performance and a special area for kids’ fun and wine tasting!

I wore Heka Couture lace jabot, Dixie black culottes, Max & Co black coat, Maison Momonì folk clutch, 8 pointed brogues and & Other Stories glitter socks. Of course I also tried all my favorite headpieces exposed!!

The Ladybug Chronicles Studio Zeta Heka Couture (11)

The Ladybug Chronicles Studio Zeta Heka Couture (10)

The Ladybug Chronicles Studio Zeta Heka Couture (8)


The Ladybug’s best discovery of 2015: Heka Couture!

The Ladybug Chronicles Heka Couture (9)

You know I love collaborations because they always mean double talent (when there is talent on both sides!) or at least double creativity and double effort. If you think about that many successful brands are created by couples: Dolce & Gabbana, Viktor and Rolf, Marchesa, Peter Pilotto, Proenza Schouler, DSquared2 and many others.

I don’t want to fly too high but some time ago I was introduced by my friend Ilaria, founder of Madame Ilary, to Gemma Vernò, founder of Gemma Vernò Hats, one of the greatest milliners that I have met so far.

The Ladybug Chronicles Heka Couture (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Heka Couture (1)

The Ladybug Chronicles Heka Couture (6)

I love their work and I am a huge fan of their incredible handmade pieces, so you can imagine my joy when Ilaria told me that they were about to launch a new brand together with only handmade pieces and the best Italian quality regarding fabrics and cuts. The new brand is called Heka Couture and it was launched during the Milan Fashion Week at the Eivissa store in Milan with a lovely party where, together with Gemma and Ilaria, Eivissa’s owner Laura and my friend Simona we played the models wearing our favorite pieces from Heka Couture.

I try to show you as much pieces as possible but the collection includes hats, turbans, jabots, collars, culottes, waistcoats, dresses, jackets, skirts and trousers to die for! The shades are basically grey and black with some white every now and there, just to face the upcoming winter season in perfect style.

The Ladybug Chronicles Heka Couture (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Heka Couture (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Heka Couture (4)

The cuts are vintage inspired (one of the reasons why I loved them so much!) but the shapes are always essential; the use of top quality fabrics like lace and velvet add a sophisticated touch.

We tried to style some of our favorite pieces like the lace collar, the long waistcoat and the incredible hats and turbans, the coordinated tops and downs and the wonderful long dress worn by Laura.

Simona and I also wore a skirt and a bow jabot from Madame Ilary; I added Dixie black culottes, 8 brogues and Zara white shirt.

You can find Heka Couture on Facebook (you can contact Gemma and Ilaria privately) or at some pop-up events in Milan that I will definitely mention on my Facebook page! So follow us both there 😉

The Ladybug Chronicles Heka Couture (8)

The Ladybug Chronicles Heka Couture (7)


The Ladybug’s tips if you cannot (always) wear vintage at work!

The Ladybug Chronicles pleat skirt (3)

When you are a vintage addicted but you work in a corporate office it is not easy to wear vintage every day. I do my best by adding a vintage accessory or piece mixed with designer or high street pieces, but lately I am rediscovering the sweet taste of handmade pieces with a retro touch.

I might start to share more outfits of this kind with retro inspired pieces usable for your 9 to 5 work just to add some ideas to solve your vintage everyday dilemma in front of the mirror with a wardrobe full of vintage pieces but none of them is suitable for work! I know we are mostly on holiday right now but that dilemma is there, waiting for us the same exact day we will need to go back to work!

The Ladybug Chronicles pleat skirt (1)

The Ladybug Chronicles pleat skirt (5)

Because my question is: why should we delete our own personality during the day, five days a week? I am a vintage gal but I respect my job, so here is the first of my retro inspired pieces that you can use at work.

The handmade skirt with big pleat in the middle is a perfect example: it is a piece that we can easily find in the late 60’s but that had its greatest moments in the 70’s and again in the 80’s. I loved the way it fitted the curvy bodies because it caresses the curves but the big pleat gives a kind of feeling of elevation and slenderness.

I picked up this handmade grey model created by Madame Ilary and I paired it with a simple with shirt by Cos (white, black grey and navy simple shirts are a must in the wardrobe to pair with statement vintage and retro pieces!), a pair of beige pointy heeled shoes by Les Lolitas Milano (just to add some more slenderness!) and a colorful beaded African necklace by Moschino to give an ethnic colored summer touch.

The black 80’s inspired bucket bag is Michael Kors and the diva black sunglasses are Celine.

More ideas soon on the blog in the meanwhile let me know what you think!

The Ladybug Chronicles pleat skirt (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles pleat skirt (4)


The Ladybug is Proud to Announce the Madame Ilary for Sofia Vintage Collaboration!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Ilari Sophia 04

What happens when two women that you love, admire and support (both in life and work) combine their amazingness? Well; in my opinion, an awesome result which I’ll prove in this post!

So let’s start from the beginning: Ilaria, founder of Madame Ilary, is my beautiful friend that I met last year during a theatre piece for which she was making costumes (yes, she is a talented costume designer!). We immediately felt the connection and she asked me if I was interested in seeing some of her handmade headpieces (turbans in particular). I accepted immediately, and a few weeks later I was at her studio where she showed me her amazing creations. I fell in love with her and with her talent- and, I’ll have you know, I now wear her turbans and her creations in general almost every day! She just doesn’t stop surprising me with her talent and creativity! Roberta is the wonderful owner of one of the most beautiful vintage shops I’ve ever visited, Sofia Vintage in Como. I met her last year too, at the opening of her shop and there again I felt that “something!” She’s a Leo, incredible vintage lover and expert, huge traveler… we shared too many things in common to let this new friendship go! Her second home, Sofia Vintage, is exactly the shop of my dreams and I love every single piece that she picked!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Ilari Sophia 03

The Ladybug Chronicles - Ilari Sophia 07

I share with them a lot of passion, willingness, strength, ambition and hidden dreams- which made us good friends. So it was almost natural that Ilaria’s and Roberta’s paths through me would sooner or later cross. Fortunately this happened quite quickly (a few months ago) and it ended with a beautiful collection created by Madame Ilary for Sofia Vintage with an incredible retro touch. I had the chance to have a little preview of this amazing spring-summer collection, now available at Sofia Vintage, and I was completely blown away by the incredible patterns and style of the midi circle skirts, the amazing turbans and other pieces that I can’t reveal right now, but you’ll soon see here!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Ilari Sophia 05

The Ladybug Chronicles - Ilari Sophia 06

As for me, in the middle of this amazingness, I had the chance to model some pieces of this first collection! I was completely at ease in these circle skirts paired with knot turbans, vintage clutches and hats. And I can’t wait to show you the new pieces coming soon!

When Italian handmade quality meets vintage and retro style, when style meets creativity, when vintage meets handcraft, when talent meets originality… this is what can happen!

Good luck to my beautiful friends and to this new incredible collaboration that starts with the of best promises!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Ilari Sophia 01

The Ladybug Chronicles - Ilari Sophia 02


The Ladybug’s Open Minded Reflection: Remember Vintage in Brescia

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 08

I think that I traveled around Italy enough to say that I have visited almost all the vintage fairs around the country.  Still, I am really happy to tell you that it is refreshing to find new and surprising events every now and then!

A fresh vintage wind came the second weekend of March in the way of the Remember Vintage event in Brescia, in the amazing location of Villa Fenaroli in Rezzato.

I expected to know everyone and to find more or less the same sellers and meet lovely friends that I’ve known during my trips around the country but… surprise! I didn’t know anyone and… surprise! I made a lot of new friends in the vintage and retro inspired handmade world!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 03

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 01

As I said before this was totally refreshing: I realized that most of the sellers came from the area near Brescia, and it was great to learn that there is a whole world of vintage sellers and collectors, handmade artists and very rare pieces in this beautiful place between here and there!

I had a blast with my friends that afternoon and we enjoyed the sun, the location (absolutely fantastic!) and the great vintage exposed!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 02

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 04

I also bought a little present for myself: a beautiful handmade necklace made of buttons from “Le Cosine di Pape,” a lovely talented artist with plenty of nice handcrafted things that made it hard for me to pick only one! Near her another talented retro inspired artist, “Lanicodellemeraviglie,” who makes amazing head pieces and to whom I will certainly ask to create a custom piece… yet again, too many things that I liked and among which I couldn’t decide!!

The only person that I knew was my lovely Alessia Bee… a busy bee that day, as she was overbooked making beautiful vintage inspired hairdos and make-ups! I couldn’t do it again for myself, but I saw some of her creations around the Villa Fenaroli and they were top, as usual!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 09

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 10

I also found some very interesting rare pieces that I photographed to share with you and to help you understand how interesting this fair was… I will certainly return for the editions to come!

One more thing… don’t forget that vintage always finds a way to surprise you… you could just turn around the corner and find some amazing vintage piece waiting for you without prejudices or preconceptions. This is what I learned at Remember Vintage the other day!

I wore an H&M dress, Patrizia Pepe red coat, Liu-Jo ankle boots, Michael Kors bucket bag and a beautiful handmade tartan turban from Madame Ilary (

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 07

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 05

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 06