The Ladybug and her hat addiction at Studio Zeta (with Heka Couture)

The Ladybug Chronicles Studio Zeta Heka Couture (7)

One of the many things that I love about Milan are the little markets that you can find almost every weekend: from food to flowers, to clothes and accessories, especially the vintage and handmade markets. A few weeks ago I was invited to the Studio Zeta showroom event, not really a market but a sort of exhibition of creatives in this beautiful fashion showroom that every now and then opens its doors to different kind of crafters and designers for a weekend.

The location is lovely and the selection of sellers and exposers is always accurate: it is definitely a place to spend a Saturday afternoon with your girlfriends knowing that you will for sure buy something!

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The Ladybug Chronicles Studio Zeta Heka Couture (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles Studio Zeta Heka Couture (3)

I was invited by Gemma and Ilaria, founders of Heka Couture, as it was their first time there, exposing their new collection of hats, turbans and many other beautiful things: coats, jackets, skirts, dresses, trousers, culottes, jabots, collars, everything absolutely handcrafted and with incredible choice of patterns and materials. I was madly in love with their new turbans, hats and headbands (I bought one, of course, but I could have done worse!) and it was hard to leave all those pieces there because most of them were incredibly awesome! The 30’s inspired berets or the golden turban, the maxi bow collar or the striped turban with bow were among my favorite pieces. I also loved the golden waistcoat and skirt, the fancy hooded coat and a beautiful dress that made me think of Erdem or the old Matthew Williamson for the wonderful sketched pattern.

The Ladybug Chronicles Studio Zeta Heka Couture (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Studio Zeta Heka Couture (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Studio Zeta Heka Couture (6)

But Studio Zeta event was also about vintage: my friend Laura from Italian Vintage Suite was there with her beautiful vintage pieces and a special corner was dedicated to get free vintage hairstyling. Plus, lot of jewels and fashion designers, live performance and a special area for kids’ fun and wine tasting!

I wore Heka Couture lace jabot, Dixie black culottes, Max & Co black coat, Maison Momonì folk clutch, 8 pointed brogues and & Other Stories glitter socks. Of course I also tried all my favorite headpieces exposed!!

The Ladybug Chronicles Studio Zeta Heka Couture (11)

The Ladybug Chronicles Studio Zeta Heka Couture (10)

The Ladybug Chronicles Studio Zeta Heka Couture (8)


The Ladybug in Turbans Wonderland: The Grand Opening of Sine Modus

The Ladybug Chronicles - Sine Modus 05

Sometimes being happy for other people’s success is really hard, I know. Most of the time, it’s because we don’t think it is really deserved and we pass our false felicity for their fortune with the notion that it is just good luck or make other haphazard excuses for their success. But believe me, when it is completely deserved and is the fruit of hard work, you cannot be anything other than happy and even a bit proud, especially when you were one of those who believed in it.

The Ladybug Chronicles - Sine Modus 03

The Ladybug Chronicles - Sine Modus 04

This is what happened with me for the huge success of the beautiful Manuela and Chiara, the amazing souls behind Sine Modus. But let me start from the beginning, which means December 2013 when I met them at the Lekker Market and could not move away from their stall of amazing turbans. You may know already my passion for hats, turbans, headbands, fascinators and anything that you can wear on your head, to the point that I often feel naked when I can’t wear something on it- especially in winter. And their handmade turbans were to die-for! I even bought one, not the one that I chose at first, but a turquoise one that they put on my head and I just fell in love with at that very exact moment. They were mostly classic turbans but very well done, with amazing variety of materials and with incredible shades and decorations. But what really made me crazy was the fact that their turbans were recycled from vintage dresses and shirts, giving them new life under the form of turbans. Since then I felt that they “had something:” they told me that they mostly sold at markets and events and that I could find them on Facebook if I wanted more handmade turbans. Which I did, of course. Every time they were at some market/event I went to find them to try new pieces (as they evolved to new more structured forms) and of course to get some new turbans to add to my collection. When I wear their turbans it’s always a smashing success (people stopping me everywhere in the streets and asking me about them – even in London!). We often talked about them selling online or even open a shop- and then it happened, almost a year after we first met. I was full of joy when I received their invitation for the opening because they were finally rewarded for their hard working and of course because I finally have a place where I can find them whenever I want!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Sine Modus 01

The Ladybug Chronicles - Sine Modus 02

It is a cute little shop in Milan on via Pomponazzi, 22 full of vintage pieces (from clothing to accessories) and of course loads of hats and their famous handcrafted turbans! You can recognize it from the big “ Vintage is in the Air” quote on their window and from the two beautiful and talented girls inside!

Well done ladies, very well done!

I wore Topshop silk shirt, Zara pleated skirt, Lazzari oxfords and of course one of my adored Sine Modus handmade turbans!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Sine Modus 06

The Ladybug Emerses Herself in Anna Piaggi’s Hat-ology

The Ladybug Chronicles_3131

A few weeks ago I visited one of the most fashion irresistible expos of the year, on the last day as usual!

One year after her death, and at the end of the Milan Fashion week, Palazzo Morando opened the doors to the most insane, eclectic hat collections that I’ve ever seen: Anna Piaggi’s hat collection. In four petite displays that recreated her house, this accessory is fully represented and is quite possibly the staple that contributes to her status as an icon. It’s dubious how varied the form and style are throughout this exhibition. And it is almost inconceivable how many she had and how creative, crazy and foolish most of them are! Every piece has its own story, including the shoe-hat that Bill Cunningham donated to her… which is rumored now to have been stolen during the expo.


The Ladybug Chronicles_3107

The Ladybug Chronicles_3111

She once said, “My hat is personal. It is what contains the soul, the feeling, the sensation that moves this little world around.”

They are only about 60 (…of the 900 she owned!) most of them created by the best designers such as Chanel, Prada and Dior just for her. This journey inside Anna Piaggi’s faux apartment, in the center of the Fashionable Milan, stimulates all of your senses… for example: the sound of her old Olivetti typewriter (Valentina) or the vignette Anne and Marcel, the pictures of her taken by her husband Alfa Castaldi, her piles of magazines, her vintage pieces… everything is perfectly put in place to teach us know more about this wonderful woman. Ivo Bisignano, one of the creators of the expo, also created all the awesome graphic pieces like the decorations and the amazing faux-covers.

The Ladybug Chronicles_3113

The Ladybug Chronicles_3115

The Ladybug Chronicles_3117

Maybe it was just too small to contain such an  extraordinary woman, or maybe a hat cannot say all there is to say her… but viewing this through the words of Shirley McLaine,  “Life is like a new hat. You don’t know if it suits you if you keep trying it on in front of your own mirror,”  I’d say this experience through her life was great and the work done was admirable… definitely one of my favorite expos of the year!

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