The Ladybug, a vintage outfit, a market experience

I am not saying anything new by stating that I miss markets almost as much as I miss travels. We all do miss these things right?

If you consider that markets are not only my primary source for vintage pieces but also a great source for inspiration you can imagine how I feel right now!

As a content creator I definitely miss a lot of my “previous life” inspo: seeing people, going around, making new experiences, traveling, visiting museums, shops etc. was the best food for my creativity.  They brought to content things to talk about, outfit inspiration, clothes and accessories to buy, everything that I do for living (sort of!). Now I often feel drained and my online world does not always fulfill the duty!

Here in Milan I have really a few markets that help me feeding my creativity: the Antiques markets of Brera and Naviglio Grande for sure, they are a classic! In the last year I also enjoyed a good walk to Remira Market on Sunday mornings as there are a lot of things about this freshly created market that I deeply love. First of all the people: the atmosphere is relaxed and fun at the same time and the sellers (some of my favorite in Northern Italy!) are super cool!

It is easy to find your best bargains there: prices are fair and sometimes, if you are a good vintage hunter, you can really find the little treasure for a very affordable price!

Personally I also love a few concepts of Remira that are very important to me: first of all they are a plastic free market. No plastic bags, bottles, glasses etc and visitors are recommended to bring their own canvas bags for their purchases, small but big change isn’t it?

Secondly, it is not just a market but a full art experience: it takes place in the garden of an artistic space, the Tempio del Futuro Perduto, where you can see art performances, participate to workshops, reading a book from their bookshelves and many other interesting activities while sipping a drink or just buying your new vintage piece!

Remira has also space for very nice young handcrafters, many of them I just met there for the first time.

I regret that I didn’t find the time to visit them in February when they were open for two dates, before they closed again, as we all did. I promise I will do it immediately when they will open again (hopefully soon!).

These pictures were taken during one of my last visits, summer 2020 with some friends: I wore a total vintage outfit, shirt and skirt from Humana Vintage plus a vintage a bag from Blondie Girl Vintage. My turban is of course handmade from Madame Ilary and my shoes are the super old thrifted Miu Miu gladiator sandals from the 2000s!

Looking forward to take more pictures in the next Remira Market adventure!

Bag: Blondiegirl Vintage

Total outfit: Humana Vintage

Turban: Madame Ilary

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The Ladybug’s “new normal” vintage shopping session in Milan

I cherish these photos because I totally cherish this moment!

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon beginning of summer (June or maybe beginning of July) I met one of my best friends in Porta Genova for a great vintage shopping session! After three long months of lockdown we could finally meet and try to get back to our usual activities, although in this “new normal” situation!

We started of course from Humana Vintage last shop in Milan, just near Porta Genova, definitely one of my favorite so far! We had a strong vintage session, leaving the shop with tons of vintage clothes and I was especially proud as my friend is a “vintage beginner” but she found so many interesting pieces at very good prices (Humana is one of the best places to visit for vintage bargains!).

Near Porta Genova during a couple of months Wundermarkt had a very special edition of its traditional market due to the Covid-19 situation in a beautiful space, even if with very few stallers compared to the usual markets. The very good thing about this session is that my beloved Francesca from London Corner Vintage was there and we could finally meet for real! Also, I had the chance to see part of their great vintage collection and of course to finally buy in person and not just online!

In fact, however I use to buy online, I still find buying vintage in person a completely different experience! Not only you can try the pieces but you can touch them, feel their story and have a better view of the patterns and fabrics, which is super important and rewarding when we buy vintage!

We ended the shopping session with plenty of new vintage clothing but we decided to celebrate this fruitful session with a lovely dinner with other friends on the Navigli!

My sustainable outfit of the day: vintage dress from Humana Vintage (I got it during the inauguration day of the same shop we visited that afternoon!); also the vintage navy bag is from Humana Vintage but from their shop in Turin! Vintage headscarf from La Maison G, Vintage belt from London Corner Vintage (online!) and thrifted Ash sandals from the lovely A bag of Chips shop! Handmade rings and earrings (from Made in Camper!).

The Ladybug is shining in her favorite color (and vintage!)

Not longtime ago I shared here my favorite colors and I put on top of my list yellow!

Since I was a kid yellow is my favorite color: its representation of sun and light has always inspired me and I feel really like myself when I wear it!

I have many yellow clothes and accessories, not only in summer: dresses, shoes, sweaters…I really can’t resist a good yellow piece, better if vintage!

Like this lovely dress a real 80s piece that I got from Humana Vintage in Milan, in the shop of via De Amicis during their inauguration party! It is like a long jacket with short sleeves and I always wear it with a belt (this one is from Mango) to give more focus on the waist!

I paired it with an amazing tapestry bag that I got in Budapest in a lovely vintage shop called Lovebug Vintage.

All my jewelry is vintage too (except rings that are handmade): 80s hoop earrings from Viola Vintage (I got them during a vintage fair here in Italy, probably Valeggio Veste il Vintage) and golden vintage JJ brooch from A rebours Vintage in Milan. Rings are handmade from Afrohemien (cowrie ring) and Francesco Tramontano, except the tiny yellow ring that is vintage found in a little vintage shop in Osaka, Japan.

The shoes are very old caged boots from Jeffrey Campbell.

More women dresses here.

The Ladybug and a her new love for 80s vintage short-sleeved blazers!


Short-sleeved blazers are so vintage that they never came back on trend after their best moment in the 80s and beginning of the 90s! This means that if you want to find a short sleeved blazer the only way to go for it is finding it in a thrift store or vintage shop.

I haven’t thought about them for a while after my 90s period, but when I saw them at Humana Vintage in Milan I couldn’t resist them: they were colored, with padded shoulders, long with jeweled buttons! I got two (a green one and a red one) as they were in a special summer promotion at 5 euros each!

As usual, one of my friend asked how can you style them? Well, in many ways I answered!




I decided to start with a dressed down outfit, perfect for an end of summer Sunday morning in Milan, with my vintage green piece that I mixed with Dixie black culottes and 90s inspired huge sneakers from Dixie. I decided to make it a bit more feminine by adding a tiny black belt to give more focus on the waist, that I bought in Osaka during my last summer Japan trip.

I added another vintage piece with my adored hooked vintage bag from Vintage Studium on Depop (I told you about it in my last post!) a retro inspired cactus brooch from Erstwilder (remember, my favorite Australian brooches with a retro twist!) and vintage golden loop earrings found on Depop.

What do you think? Can you go for this vintage trend right now?