The Ladybug, her BFFs, a motorbike, Spanish tapas and a 9am-9pm outfit

The Ladybug Chronciles motorbike Isola (5)

Every outfit has a story and this is the story of a special night out spent with my friends/colleagues a few weeks ago to celebrate the upcoming holidays and some random August birthdays (yes, mine too!).

We decided to spend it in one of our favorite venues, the Spanish tapas bar Ajoblanco in the Isola area of Milan, so I needed a perfect outfit both for a day at work and for the night aperitif, with a retro touch, of course!

The Ladybug Chronciles motorbike Isola (3)

The Ladybug Chronciles motorbike Isola (2)

I went for this lovely withe shirt with short sleeves from Cos and simple cigarette black trousers from & Other Stories, to which I added a pair of pointy heeled shoes from 8 (bought on Yoox, one of the best heeled shoes ever as they are high enough to make me look taller and comfortable enough to wear all day and even after!) and a retro touch with one of my favorite necklaces, a bakelite necklace from the French designer Marion Godart with houses and trees . Bag is Miu Miu.

The Ladybug Chronciles motorbike Isola (6)

The Ladybug Chronciles motorbike Isola (4)

Guest stars of the day are my friend Lily, a real biker with her incredible motorbike who accepted (both, Lily and the motorbike) to pose with me and my friend Simona rocking her new 80’s inspired blazer from La Maison Momoni. Now tell me, can I ask for more stylish BFFs?

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The Ladybug Chronciles motorbike Isola (7)


The Ladybug Rates the Best Christmas Markets in Milan: part 2

The Ladybug Chronicles 0898

In my Christmas research for the best markets in town, I took a strong decision this year: I decided to skip the annual Christmas edition of Il Circo delle Pulci at the Palazzo del Ghiaccio (where I went last year and enjoyed VERY much –  read that post here!).

Jokes aside, I decided to head to the Moto Quartiere to see a very interesting Market called Green Christmas at the charming Fonderia Napoleonica Eugenia. The idea of the market was awesome: only handcraft, natural and handmade products- a real eco-market with a primary propose that didn’t present unobtainalbe examples of sustainable lifestyle, but in-fact proposed more natural and ecologically thoughtful choices for Christmas presents. Unique pieces for our friends and family with the plus of being eco-friendly…isn’t it a great idea?

There I bought a lovely present for my sister and she appreciated it a lot!

The Ladybug Chronicles 0901

The Ladybug Chronicles 0902

The Ladybug Chronicles 0904

Inside the big court of this wonderful former bronze foundry of the XIX century (now a museum in the middle of the Isola area in Milan) there was a lovely surprise… Let’s say a market in the market: the Spazio Mercury, with the aim of giving new life to used objects instead of wasting them, organized a small garage sale with clothing, accessories and memorabilia of every kind!

The Ladybug Chronicles 0906

The Ladybug Chronicles 0907

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The Ladybug Chronicles 0917

During my day in the area I couldn’t help stopping for some good tea at Dammann (the fantastic French tea boutique) and I could finally shop in a beautiful temporary shop called A Second Chance Vintage (yes, it made me think of the homonymous shop in New York, even if in this case the word vintage was a bit misleading as all the designer pieces come from catwalks and photo-shoots reaching back to only the last 5 – 10 years) where I found this beautiful pair of Strategia boots, almost new, for a quarter of their original price! I was also falling for a wonderful pair of Giuseppe Zanotti purple boots, but I chose to be honest with myself and admit that I would have used the brown booties a bit more!

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