The Ladybug About Keith Haring Art

The Ladybug Chronicles Keith Haring (3)

When I saw the advert of the upcoming Keith Haring exhibit in Milan I couldn’t help thinking of my last (and first) Keith Haring exhibit. I was in New York in 2012 and I was staying in Brooklyn in a B&B. I found there the flyer of Keith Haring exhibition at Brooklyn Museum and I felt so happy and grateful to have the chance to see his art for the first time in New York! I enjoyed that exhibit so much that I could never forget it! It’s definitely in “my best memories ever” archive!

The good feelings came to my mind immediately and I wasn’t sure if going or not as I didn’t want to ruin my Brooklyn memories. I decided to have a look anyway and it was a great decision! The exhibit that I saw in 2012 was more focused on Keith Haring adverts and drawings in New York subway stations and even if I found a few here in Milan the exhibit was basically different.

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110 of Keith Haring works were exposed, from public and private collections from all over the world. Some of them were shown in Italy for the very first time. The exhibition tries to create a link between Keith Haring works and their source of inspiration: from classical art to pre-Columbian art, from American Indian and Pacific masks to his favorite artists, such as Pollock and Klee.

His colorful pieces are a joy for the eye but very often pain and frustration for the world lie behind them. I have always loved his art and I was happy to discover that some of my favorite pieces of him were exposed there.

The exhibit will be in Milan at Palazzo Reale until 18th of June 2017, so don’t miss your chance to discover (or re-discover, as it was my case!) this incredibly talented artist-activist. 

For the exhibit I wore ASOS black dungaree, Topshop palm shirt and an almost vintage leather jacket! I paired with Madame Cosette velvet ankle boots and Michael Kors Bucket bag.

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The Ladybug Goes Stargazing in Milan with KNAGUI: Andy Warhol’s Stardust


If trying to conjure a love for Paris in KNAGUI at Palazzo Reale through the so-called accursed artists was a difficult mission for me, I felt almost certain that our immediate move to the Warhol expo at the Museo del 900 would settle his skepticism… But I forgot about his opinion of Andy’s character! …Oh, this man…

The Museo del 900 is indeed hosting a very interesting collection in collaboration with Bank of America Merril Lynch on Andy Warhol’s prints called “Stardust.” Stardust refers not only to the diamond powder he used in many of his prints, but also to his capacity to create shining icons from his hands. From the 5th of April and through the 8th of September you can visit this interesting expo (and museum) in Milan.



It is the third time that I visit a Andy Warhol collection What I love about this artist is his capacity to never look banal and his ability to touch me with something new and different every time.

The expo was quite small (which allowed me to visit the whole museum again!), only encompassing a long corridor; still, the extent – from the Campbell’s Soup series to the Flowers, Marilyn or the Myths, stressing on the socio-cultural context of his work (probably one of the most interesting points of view on his work so far) was full.



There were also a few paintings created by Keith Haring featuring Andy Warhol as Andy Mouse! that I’ve never seen before, not even at the big expo on Haring in Brooklyn last year.

One of the most interesting prints, where KNAGUI spent most of his time, was the portfolio of 4 serigraphs on Muhammad Ali created in 1978. Even if he loved the technique and the subject I couldn’t get him to agree that Andy Warhol was definitely one of the most interesting portraitists of the XXth century.




[photo credit: NOI]

The Ladybug Dresses the Art For a Day at the Brooklyn Museum

Sometimes I am really a lucky girl. When I arrived in New York, the first thing that I saw was a flier about a great expo on Keith Haring at the Brooklyn Museum. No need to say that I visited it as I consider him one of my favorite artists ever!

I went on one of my last days there, but it was an amazing experience: not only for the expo itself, one of the most complete and hugest ever concerning Haring’s work (from paintings to pictures, videos and subway ads), but also because the Brooklyn museum has nothing less than its more famous cousins in Manhattan: it is a wonderful museum both the building and for the permanent pieces that you can find there.

I decided that an artsy outfit was needed… so that’s why I decided to wear my colored vintage skirt (bought the week before at L-Train Vintage) with a Benetton blue cardi, white t-shirt, H&M skinny belt and my new American brogues from Shoegasm! Oh… and my Zara bag (aka my “Zara takes New York!” bag) of course!

PS: I also bought some lovely Keith Haring pins there… cute aren’t they? I was thinking of putting together a white tee for myself with all these pins on the side… I’m all about DIY lately! I’ll show you the results as soon as I decide to take some time to do it!