The Ladybug tips for 2015 Summer Sales!

Sales Milan 1

Like every year, a new sale season has started and like every year I plan a post on the subject that I have never published so far for many different reasons! It seems that this year I have the occasion to say something about sales, so let’s start with a few but important rules:

  1. “Just get what you need”: I know that we don’t really need anything as our closets are full of clothes but when I say “need” I mean it in a girly way. How many times did we say: “I need a pair of black shoes to go with my trousers” or “I need a camel bag because I only have black bags”? that’s the “need” that I mean! Most of the times when we are lost into a shop during the sales we are tempted to buy all the nice things that we see even if we don’t really need them and we end up buying things that we won’t use when we can just save that money to buy things that we really “need to buy”. So, make a list of what we “need” and add things during the non-sale times whenever you use the “I need…” phrase: when the sales arrive you will know already what you “need”!
  2. “Make a limited use of high street shops”: high street is for regular use, as most of the times they sell things that we can more or less afford during the year. But how many things did we see that were out of our budget? Well, sales are the right time to buy that specific piece that you coveted during the year but that you couldn’t buy. Now that it is on sale you may be lucky enough to still find it in your size and at a price that you can afford. For this, don’t forget to save money during the year though!
  3. “You can survive only one huge sales session with limited but targeted shops list, not more”: as you may know, going around during the sales may be very depressing; women lose their cool at this time of the year and most of the times the long queueing outside the fitting rooms can be exhausting. This is why you cannot survive more shopping sessions during the sales; so pick up a day (first or second day of sales are better), prepare a list of the shops to visit and go for it all day. Once you are done, don’t repeat one week later! Ok, if you want you can repeat in case of further reductions but in that case you won’t probably be as lucky as during the first days and you won’t find almost anything left.
  4. “Go vintage”: Vintage shops do sales too! So, make sure that they are on top of your list of shops that you need to visit so if you don’t find your “perfect match” there, you can try somewhere else!


Sales Milan 2

These are my top four rules during sales, but if we want to go more in detail about summer sales 2015 here are a couple of pieces that you can buy now and that you shouldn’t miss:

  1. The circle skirt: it has been a trend of this summer fashion and be sure that you will use it again and again for a long time, so if you didn’t get one before it’s time to do it!
  2. The white sneakers: if like me you hesitated and resisted so far, I think that we must surrender and accept that they won! From Adidas Stan Smith, to Nike or Pinko the white sneakers are the winners and you need a pair too (I have an original vintage Adidas and I just decided that I’m wearing them again!)
  3. The 50’s inspired bikini: one of the pieces that must be in every summer sales list is a swimsuit; most of the times you can buy one just before going on holiday and for a reduced price, so why buying one before? If you can go for an original vintage piece it would be amazing as their shapes and materials are just top but if you can’t find anything just go for a retro inspired 50’s piece: your body and your neighbors at the beach will thank you for that!
  4. The culottes: essential. Period!
  5. The palazzo pants: this year they were everywhere, the colored palazzo pants are the undisputed princes of the summer and the 70’s vibe that goes with them will make them a piece to buy for further use!
  6. The pointy heeled shoes: a classic! Just change colors at every sales until you feel that you have enough!
  7. Shoes: always! Use without moderation!

For my summer sales session in Milan I wore: Cos black shirt, thrifted striped pants from Epiphany Vintage in Frankfurt, Lolita Milano flats, Michael Kors bucket bag, Valentino sunglasses and lovely handmade necklace from Le Cosine di Pape!

(Jantzen pictures are taken from the blog Envisioning the American Dream)

Sales Milan 3



The Ladybug’s Open Minded Reflection: Remember Vintage in Brescia

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 08

I think that I traveled around Italy enough to say that I have visited almost all the vintage fairs around the country.  Still, I am really happy to tell you that it is refreshing to find new and surprising events every now and then!

A fresh vintage wind came the second weekend of March in the way of the Remember Vintage event in Brescia, in the amazing location of Villa Fenaroli in Rezzato.

I expected to know everyone and to find more or less the same sellers and meet lovely friends that I’ve known during my trips around the country but… surprise! I didn’t know anyone and… surprise! I made a lot of new friends in the vintage and retro inspired handmade world!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 03

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 01

As I said before this was totally refreshing: I realized that most of the sellers came from the area near Brescia, and it was great to learn that there is a whole world of vintage sellers and collectors, handmade artists and very rare pieces in this beautiful place between here and there!

I had a blast with my friends that afternoon and we enjoyed the sun, the location (absolutely fantastic!) and the great vintage exposed!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 02

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 04

I also bought a little present for myself: a beautiful handmade necklace made of buttons from “Le Cosine di Pape,” a lovely talented artist with plenty of nice handcrafted things that made it hard for me to pick only one! Near her another talented retro inspired artist, “Lanicodellemeraviglie,” who makes amazing head pieces and to whom I will certainly ask to create a custom piece… yet again, too many things that I liked and among which I couldn’t decide!!

The only person that I knew was my lovely Alessia Bee… a busy bee that day, as she was overbooked making beautiful vintage inspired hairdos and make-ups! I couldn’t do it again for myself, but I saw some of her creations around the Villa Fenaroli and they were top, as usual!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 09

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 10

I also found some very interesting rare pieces that I photographed to share with you and to help you understand how interesting this fair was… I will certainly return for the editions to come!

One more thing… don’t forget that vintage always finds a way to surprise you… you could just turn around the corner and find some amazing vintage piece waiting for you without prejudices or preconceptions. This is what I learned at Remember Vintage the other day!

I wore an H&M dress, Patrizia Pepe red coat, Liu-Jo ankle boots, Michael Kors bucket bag and a beautiful handmade tartan turban from Madame Ilary (

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 07

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 05

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 06