Soul Sunday with KNAGUI: Not So Long Ago, In a Museum Not So Far Away…

The Ladybug Chronicles-2331Before starting the tour last December, I arrived in Milan a little early to adjust to the time change so I could be safe and ready to do all that’s required of me while out.  When I arrived at The Ladybug’s pad, she gave me a big welcoming hug and said, “I’m gonna take you to the stars tomorrow night.”  Now if you follow the boss lady’s posts, you’ll know saying something like that could be quite… exciting.  So the following day, I prepared myself for the night of my life.

The Ladybug Chronicles-2418The next day we set pace doing our regular things: filling each other in on life since the last time we saw each other, me photographing her for the blog, etc… Then she announced it was time for my surprise.  We took the tram to an area of Milano I hadn’t visited before.  On the way she told me the story of the via Gluck and a famous musician who grew up there. And then, finally, we had arrived: Fermo Immagine the Film Poster Museum for “Il Mito, da Guerre Stellari a Star Wars.” I was, indeed, excited and felt like a kid about to walk into Hershey Park for the first time.

The Ladybug Chronicles-2299The Ladybug Chronicles-2305The expo was dedicated to showcasing the Star Wars phenomenon in Italy. I noticed, like with most American films that make it into theatres there, they changed the name of the film.  I found it very interesting that Episode IV was called “Guerre Stellari,” but by Episode V- it was Star Wars.

The Ladybug Chronicles-2321There were many things going on the night we visited.  Live action fight scenes, people in “official” costumes and camera crews filming (for what would be shown during the intermissions of my monumental New Year’s Day marathon).

The Ladybug Chronicles-2317During the course of the night, my “date” was mind-tricked and overcome by the Dark Side (at least that’s what I’m still telling myself).

The Ladybug Chronicles-2322I tried to go macho man on his ass, but got choked by the infamous Darth Death Grip.

The Ladybug Chronicles-2277 The Ladybug Chronicles-2363There was so much art around.  There were these pieces by Nerd Art in the library and inside were works that were both serious and funny.

The Ladybug Chronicles-2326I couldn’t help being taken in by all the the pieces of this expo. I envied this passport.  I’d never seen it before.

The Ladybug Chronicles-2297The Ladybug Chronicles-2355There were a lot of Lego models in the house.  And the details were amazing.

The Ladybug Chronicles-2340Do you remember the jams the band played in the club? Did you know there was an album released on RCA Records?  I didn’t!  This is something I want to find for my collection.

The Ladybug Chronicles-2362After the whole “Dark Side Affair,” The Ladybug and I got separated, but I found her chillin’ with her peeps… “Ooh-Tee-Dee!”

The Ladybug Chronicles-2392Just before getting out of there, I came across Boba Fett’s gun.  This piece belonged to one of the guys who was in an official costume.  It was amazing to hold and look at. It was numbered and stamped from the studio.  A-MAZING!!!

guerre stellari a star warsThis expo ran through the beginning of Febuary.  Now that this museum is on my radar, I’m sure I’ll check out what’s on display during my next trip to Italy.

See you “next” Sunday.