The Ladybug and the Dashiki print, a true African love!

The Ladybug Chronicles Dashiki Tunic (2)

Dashiki pattern, a true African love. But what is Dashiki? The name comes from the Yoruba language spoken in West Africa, especially in Nigeria, and it means shirt. The iconic pattern that we now define as Dashiki is the Angelina print, created by a Vlisco textile designer and it was inspired by a printed tunic worn in Ethiopia by noblewomen  at the beginning of the 19th century. The print was widely worn in West Africa but it became very popular by the end of the 60s when Jason Benning started producing the modern Dashiki (he also invented the word) in Harlem. Black people started using it as a sign of love for the Mother Africa, especially during the cultural event related to Africa. It was also widely worn in the late 60s by African-Americans embracing their African heritage and promoting Black Pride.

Nowadays it is often worn by celebrities and it is used as a fabric from many fashion designers from all over the world to create dresses, jackets, skirts with this beautiful pattern.

The Ladybug Chronicles Dashiki Tunic (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Dashiki Tunic (5)

It is a pattern that I love so much, in every shade and design, and I have been dreaming of a perfect vintage Dashiki tunic for ages. It is easy to find cheap versions of this tunic, but I really wanted to have the real one, from the 60s/70s. Not easy to find it, especially in my size (mostly are men sizes) and with colors and patterns that I loved. It took months until I found this green one from Matmonit Vintage on Etsy. Matmonit is an Israeli vintage shop, specialized also in ethnic and folk vintage clothes that I love very much, where I always find amazing pieces from the past!

I wore my Dashiki tunic with other African pieces: a handmade wax turban from Madame Ilary (I bought the fabric in Senegal!) and a Senegalese orange leather necklace that I got from Seyeyaram African Made in Milan.

Vintage jeans are Levi’s and tan flat sandals are from Clarks.

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The Ladybug Chronicles Dashiki Tunic (4)

The Ladybug and her life in rainbow colors!

The Ladybug Chronicles Rainbow Sweater (1)


This year I got a total crush on 70s rainbow sweaters: I am a colorful girl and these colored striped sweaters got me completely! Still I had a couple of requirements that made my “perfect rainbow sweater” hunt quite complicated. I wanted it thin, with small stipes and with some specific colors: yellow, red, green, orange and blue…oh, and possibly vintage!

I surfed the net, my favorite Etsy vintage shops, Instagram, Vintag, Depop but nothing…I couldn’t find the one (except for a beautiful piece from Noirohio Vintage on Etsy that was immediately sold though!). Until that Sunday morning in London: I was scrolling down my Instagram feed while waiting for my friend to get ready for the vintage fair and I found the launch of Saturday, Megan Ellaby new clothing line and guess what? My perfect rainbow sweater was there!!! I didn’t think twice: I ordered it online and I received a couple of days later at home: it was perfect, exactly what I was looking for!

The Ladybug Chronicles Rainbow Sweater (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Rainbow Sweater (4)

I wore it immediately with a 70s inspired outfit as the rainbow sweater was a huge trend in that era, then I started to pair it with a rust vintage 70s coat that I found at Humana Vintage in Milan. I loved this piece at first sight and even if it was a little small I decided to get it anyway and to wear it open. I added a dark gray pair of Levi’s jeans and L’Arianna black ankle boots.

Golden hoops and blackamoor brooch are vintage (hoops from Depop and brooch from Déjà-vu Vintage), while the sculpture brass ring is from Metalica Creazioni.

By the way, I was on my way back from the book shop where I got two interesting books that I can suggest to you: Toni Morrison’s The Origin of Others and Dave Eggers’ The Monk of Mocha.

The Ladybug Chronicles Rainbow Sweater (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Rainbow Sweater (5)