The Ladybug’s silver Christmas


About two months ago I bought at Zara silver culottes: it was one of these days when you are JUST walking down the streets of Milan full of shops and sparkling windows; you JUST have half an hour before meeting your friends to go to the cinema and you are JUST outside Zara and you think that “well, I can go JUST for a short tour, I won’t buy anything”; 30 minutes later you JUST find yourself late, your friends are calling you to know where you are and you are JUST queuing to pay your item!

It happened exactly like that when I bought them: the fact that I spent 30 minutes in the shop was due to the fact that I was not sure about how to wear them and when; but they were lovely and cheap and I couldn’t resist!



Indeed it also took a while to wear them as I’m doing almost two months later and for my Christmas Eve dinner! Anyway I decided that the best way to wear them was inspired to me by Alexa Chung who used to wear golden and silver midi skirts with knitted sweaters to make them less “serious” and more “easygoing”.  This is why I decided to pair them with my new COS pale blue oversize sweater with big bow on the back.

I wanted to wear them with flat boots but I didn’t have any with me during the holiday season and it was still Christmas eve so I could wear a pair of Liu-Jo heeled taupe ankle boots.

Nars “Mysterious Red”  on my lips was a “must”!



The Ladybug’s personal search for Vivian Maier

The Ladybug Chronicles Vivian Maier Milano (5)

Not too long ago I told you about one of my favorite exhibits ever, Vivian Maier’s photographs in Nuoro, Sardinia this past September (see here).

I knew that the exhibit was going to move to Milan soon and I decided to go and see it again before it ended, yesterday. I expected to find the same pieces that I saw in Nuoro but to my big surprise only part of the photographs exposed in Nuoro were in Milan at the Galleria Forma Meravigli (and for the double of the ticket price!), taken from the 50’s to the 70’s by this mysterious nanny-photographer who reached a huge success only after her death (in 2009), when her rolls where accidentally found during an auction. The exhibit structure and presentation was honestly less attractive than in Nuoro (I missed the yellow walls!) and maybe the small space and the crowd didn’t allow me to visit as peacefully as I did in Sardinia (where I was almost alone!).

The Ladybug Chronicles Vivian Maier Milano (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Vivian Maier Milano (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles Vivian Maier Milano (1)

It was still a pleasure getting lost into this woman’s world that feels so familiar yet so full of mystery.

I am still non completely convinced about the reconstruction of her story made by John Maloof (the one who found the rolls and gave Vivian Maier an incredible success with his documentary on her life and a traveling exhibit around the world) as I still can’t believe how great she was being a simple amateur photographer. I keep being convinced that she was a real photographer and that she knew more about her art than what they want us to believe. At every picture of her I keep finding the proofs of my theory…but I guess it will keep being a theory!

For this freezing cold day in Milan I wore Diffusione Tessile coat, Whistles hat, Liu-Jo ankle boots and Miu Miu handbag. Brooch is handmade from Lora Nikolova, scarf is thrifted from Oxfam charity shop in London.

The Ladybug Chronicles Vivian Maier Milano (6)

The Ladybug Chronicles Vivian Maier Milano (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Vivian Maier Milano (7)

The Ladybug’s Open Minded Reflection: Remember Vintage in Brescia

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 08

I think that I traveled around Italy enough to say that I have visited almost all the vintage fairs around the country.  Still, I am really happy to tell you that it is refreshing to find new and surprising events every now and then!

A fresh vintage wind came the second weekend of March in the way of the Remember Vintage event in Brescia, in the amazing location of Villa Fenaroli in Rezzato.

I expected to know everyone and to find more or less the same sellers and meet lovely friends that I’ve known during my trips around the country but… surprise! I didn’t know anyone and… surprise! I made a lot of new friends in the vintage and retro inspired handmade world!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 03

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 01

As I said before this was totally refreshing: I realized that most of the sellers came from the area near Brescia, and it was great to learn that there is a whole world of vintage sellers and collectors, handmade artists and very rare pieces in this beautiful place between here and there!

I had a blast with my friends that afternoon and we enjoyed the sun, the location (absolutely fantastic!) and the great vintage exposed!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 02

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 04

I also bought a little present for myself: a beautiful handmade necklace made of buttons from “Le Cosine di Pape,” a lovely talented artist with plenty of nice handcrafted things that made it hard for me to pick only one! Near her another talented retro inspired artist, “Lanicodellemeraviglie,” who makes amazing head pieces and to whom I will certainly ask to create a custom piece… yet again, too many things that I liked and among which I couldn’t decide!!

The only person that I knew was my lovely Alessia Bee… a busy bee that day, as she was overbooked making beautiful vintage inspired hairdos and make-ups! I couldn’t do it again for myself, but I saw some of her creations around the Villa Fenaroli and they were top, as usual!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 09

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 10

I also found some very interesting rare pieces that I photographed to share with you and to help you understand how interesting this fair was… I will certainly return for the editions to come!

One more thing… don’t forget that vintage always finds a way to surprise you… you could just turn around the corner and find some amazing vintage piece waiting for you without prejudices or preconceptions. This is what I learned at Remember Vintage the other day!

I wore an H&M dress, Patrizia Pepe red coat, Liu-Jo ankle boots, Michael Kors bucket bag and a beautiful handmade tartan turban from Madame Ilary (

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 07

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 05

The Ladybug Chronicles - Remember Vintage 06